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  1. I wish amazon would indicate if something is being shipped from out of country. The last 2 items I've purchased were both prime eligible and both gave the impression there would be 2 day shipping, until I get to the checkout and 'free 2 day shipping' has a delivery date of 1 week later. Still no indication as to why until I get the UPS tracking number and find out the item is being shipped from Canada. I haven't had anything from amazon actually arrive in 2 days in over 8 months.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I ordered my k-cups in bulk for the longest time because it saved me money. I use to buy gear like knives, flashlights, cellphone accessories, etc. Now I go elsewhere. 

      Yeah, in AL they ask if you've made any online purchases and I always click no. I spend less than $500 a year on stuff I normally can't get in this state, or my city at least. They get plenty of my sales tax as it is. 

    3. Sledgstone


      I had some co-workers that loved taking their vacations in New Hampshire. They'd buy everything they could while they were there like it was black Friday because the entire state has no sales tax. Imagine going to any brick and mortar store and buying anything with no tax. It still blows my mind that there are 5 states that have no sales tax. The ppl there don't even have to pay sales tax on a new car as long as its registered in that state when purchased. 

    4. DeathscytheX


      I don't know what the general feeling is of being there, but outside of NY, its pretty much renown for its insane taxation on everything. Even its football teams don't play in NY.

      Florida can afford not to have sales tax because the whole state is a tourist attraction. There are multiple cities to visit, 800 miles of beaches, Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, 2 MLB teams, 2 NBA teams, 3 NFL teams, and 2 NHL teams. There is just endless amounts of revenue coming into it. The same goes for Texas.

      Government tends to ruin a lot of things, to where it benefits states that aren't fucking up. Like where I live, we don't have a state lotto or even Powerball/Mega Millions. Its a "sin" derp derp derp. So people go to church on Sunday, and then drive over to Pensacola 45 minutes away and buy lotto tickets, or dive to New Orleans and buy lotto tickets. I'm sure people in northern AL drive across the state line to Georgia to get theirs. We can't have casinos? Well Biloxi MS will gladly take all of AL's money for that too. Some things we're so far in the past on, other states are enjoying the benefits of it. You're not going to stop anyone from being "immoral" with their money, they'll just go somewhere that will let them. But hey, if you win, AL will be more than glad to tax you on that.


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