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  1. LoTR Fellowship of the Rings is such a slow book. The battle of five armies in The Hobbit was only around 40 pages. In Fellowship, I'm 80 pages in and Frodo is still in the process of leaving the shire.. wtf. I'm glad the movies skipped 90% of this. Nobody would watch the movie if 2 hours was dedicated to him attending his estate while waiting on Gandalf to finally show back up 15 years after telling Frodo to keep the ring safe. Roughly 15 years he was gone.. wtf. In the movies, its like he went and made a cell phone call and came right back all worried. In the book its a boring Hobbit's life with Frodo eventually taking care of his belongings, selling his house, getting his affairs in order, getting some breakfast with Sam, etc. x_x

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I warned you XD

      The problem with Tolkien is he was a world builder, not a story teller. Those small, annoying details he gives you are part of how he wrote. I love the man's books to death but god do they take forever to get things rolling (don't read The Silmarillion, if you think Fellowship is slow that book will bore you to death (it's a great read but fuck is it slow)). Thankfully The Two Towers and The Return of the King are action packed enough that they don't get boring (though the whole thing with the Ents does get a little tedious).

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