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  1. World versus World in Guild Wars 2 is fun again. I've played a little over an hour a night for the last 2 nights and I haven't had that much fun in WvW since I was power leveling my second character almost 3 years ago. I think I'll upload a video later tomorrow. The zerg rushes are real. XD I saved a couple videos but the one I really wanted didn't save for some reason. We had a full on battle of 3 armies, so epic. XD

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I take that back. I saw on reddit where gold takes 10 hours. WTF. XD I might just do bronze/silver ever week.

    3. Sledgstone


      lol. XD 10 hours makes sense. In the height of my pvp back piece gameplay, the mid chests and up easily took about 4 to 10 hours each depending on how many losses I'd get. At least those I could work towards over the course of an entire 2 month season. Having wvw reset the pip track every week is too brutal to me. If I can get my bronze chest done every week I'll be content. The long haul doesn't bother me to much. Anyone that finishes that full chest/pip track every week must be putting in at least 30+ hours a week in wvw. x_x

    4. DeathscytheX


      I might only ever play when Cloud Fly is commanding. This dude is a beast. XD We were dominating in JQBL and FABL. We held the keep on both. The FA keep was fully upgraded, and FA wanted it back. With constant barrages from our superior arrow carts and catas, we held for a long time but then they got numbers from somewhere. They started breaking in and we were only a squad of about 33. We were able to fend them off and repair the walls, but we finally ran out of supply. They showed up with Golems next.  Cloud called in team chat for EB to come help. We popped an emergency WP that doesn't get contested and the JQ army flooded in and we crushed them. It was so epic. That's the old fights I remember. The desperation with defeat looming and reinforcements charging in to save the day. I also got my first legendary spike.

      I starting using my rev to help with the condi bombing. I'm not quite sure how it works, I just know it provides resistance for the group. Sometimes I can stand there with 15 conditions on me and lose no HP, I need to figure out how resistance works, and how/if it procs. The meta calls for marauder armor with durability runes. I don't feel like spending that gold just yet. I have zerker armor and went with DD runes which have toughness and power. My first test was helping a JQ player cap a camp, he was being 2v1ed and I showed up and demolished an Ele and Engi. Their attack damage was laughable, especially since I can constantly regen HP with Glint. From then on I was impressed. I died a few times, because I have no idea what I'm really doing in group fights. I just know I can provide constant might, swiftness, and boon duration to everyone. I know I can corrupt boons on enemies, and protect the group from condi bombs. Plus one of Glint's facets gives me perma swift to keep up with the zerg. I'll probably make this my WvW character. I might wait til the expac to commit to the meta.

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