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  1. I watched the first season (at least first available on netflix) of The Great British Baking Show. This was amazingly relaxing. lol. Everyone is so nice, the music is soothing. No stress, yet informative baking info. I got to the end of the first season, saw who won and everyone is happy in the end. wtf. XD This is so different from all other competition shows. In the finale all the previous contestants were having a field day / picnic with friends and family while the last 3 people competed. After the winner was announced the other finalist responded with things like "The right person won this today." wtf. XD Nobody is mad. XD What really shocked me was the prize. The winner got a couple bouquets of flowers and a glass serving dish / trophy for a cake... and thats it. lmao. I had to google it.. there is no prize money, no cook book deal, no vacation or baking job... just the satisfaction of winning. Wow. XD The next season started and it begins with "We had over 10,000 participants attempting to get into this season.." So many people spending so much time for no rewards besides personal growth and experience. I like this show.

    1. DeathscytheX


      This is the problem with American reality TV. They want fake drama and think it adds to the show... which it may depending on the subject. I remember when they started adding in that BS in Top Shot and audience got pissed, the final season it was strictly about shooting with zero house drama and it was probably the best season since the first... Everyone complemented them on facebook for getting rid of the BS.

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