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  1. I saw this article on my local news this morning stating that Trump is losing NY by 30 points now. He says the media is corrupt and hes only going to lose if the system is rigged. The thing is tho hes really loosing NY because he has no presence here. I've seen numerous Clinton commercials over the last month and I've gotten 3 phone calls from the DNC asking for donations and support. But there has been absolutely zero pro Trump commercials. Nothing from super pacs or from his own campaign. And those commercials against trump are pretty damning to his credibility. I know Trump says the media is corrupt but unless he actually pays the media companies for commercial time hes setting himself up for a loss. I'm actually starting to think he wants to loose on purpose at this point. If he has no interest in even trying to win his home state I don't see how hes going to win this election at all. Its so odd to see more commercials from my local republican representative trying to win his re-election and not see a single commercial for someone running for president.


    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Considering Trump is the ultimate troll he might actually be trying to loose (I mean the guy continually digs himself deeper into the hole he created for himself by not shutting his damn mouth). Plus it's not only in NY that you don't see a Trump presence, I've seen maybe one or two commercials for Trump out here in ND since this whole thing started but I've seen countless Hilary commercials (which is odd considering ND is a red state (I mean John Hoeven completely supports Trump (our Republican senator) though he doesn't agree with everything he spouts)). Then again there's a chance he could give two shits about NY supporting him or not, remember this guy honestly doesn't care how people view him.

    2. Sledgstone


      Back in February Trump was all about NY, the same polls showed him winning over Cruz and Trump even said:


      "Upstate New York, I'm like the most popular person that has ever lived, virtually," Trump told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday. "They're great friends of mine."

      Trump said his key to winning the presidency will be picking up support from big states like New York and Michigan.
      "I will have a chance of winning New York," Trump said. "If I win New York, the election is over from an electoral college standpoint."

      Its starting to look more and more like he doesn't want to spend any of his money or the campaign's money on advertising. He got all kinds of free media during the primaries because every time he opened his mouth it was covered by every single news outlet. He still gets that same treatment but now that he has only 1 rival instead of 10 and his numbers are slumping he'll blame everyone or everything but himself. He could turn his campaign around quite easily if he'd actually invest in himself and start promoting his policies thru planned events and advertising his strengths. But instead hes running his entire campaign off of twitter and then complaining about crap when hes at a podium. wtf. and he wonders why his numbers keep declining. With the email crap Hillary has, if any of the other republicans would have gotten the presidential nominee instead of Trump we'd probably see an almost 1 sided campaign at this point with the Republicans owning everything. If the emails blow over before the first debates start then it could be a different story, but thats not the case. Instead Trump is the nominee and he doesn't seem to want to win. I bet if he does lose he'll make a new book and explain about how running in a rigged system made him more wealthy or some crap.

      He has inspired Kanye West to want to run for president in 2020. -_-; It'll be like that California governor election that year. I wonder how many other celebrities will jump on that bandwagon. It'll be so bad we'll look back at this election and remember how good it was.

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