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  1. I made a legendary greatsword today in Guild Wars 2, Sunrise.. and then I combined it with my Twilight and made the most expensive greatsword in the game, Eternity. :D


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    2. Sledgstone


      The coolest feature of this sword is that throw sword animations actually splits the sword into Dusk and Twilight.. So I just tried it out on my necro and he literally is throwing 6 swords at once now. XD But its so many particles its almost impossible to see it as the player that uses the skill. XD This took me 10 mins trying to get this clear screenshot. lol.


    3. Sledgstone


      err.. Sunrise and Twilight I mean. -_-; *no edit feature on status updates*

    4. DeathscytheX


      Ugh, I cant bring myself to do it. I might make another twilight and just get twice told legend in the future. But Im saving some gold for LWS3. In case they have some collection I want with rare RNG drops. Choas of Lyssa is about to reach 1000g -_-; I really want that for my Mesmer, but I'm not paying precursor prices for it.

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