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  1. I started Starcraft 2 tonight. I'm only did the first 2 prologue missions and I quickly remembered just how bad I am playing as Protoss. X_x 

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      lol, you're about as far as I am. Sadly they changed the Protoss around to much for me as I suck with them now, used to be awesome with them back in the first Starcraft.

    2. Sledgstone


      I need to look up some build recommendations. I always preferred Terrain for when I'd play with my brother online vs AI. I was decent enough with Zerg that I knew a decent build order for getting a quick zerg rush and then fortifying my army.. But for Protoss I feel like I don't know what the hell I'm doing with them. And when I thought I had a decent little army, they'd get wiped out pretty quick. I noticed the one unit is the equivalent of a terrain medic ship because this thing auto regenerates shields, but damn these Protoss units kick out slow as hell. Even in the prologue missions I had to make an extra gateway so I can get more than one zealot every 5 minutes or whatever the build rate is. Its throwing me off because the last time I played this it was fast paced zerg rushing. I could make an army of zerglings in as much time as it takes me to make 2 zealots. Sure 2 zealots could take out most of those zerglings, but I am so not used to these slow builds. I'm hoping the actual campaign teaches me how to play protoss correctly like the other 2 campaigns did for their species, because these prologue missions kicked my ass.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Protoss has always been a slow build species, even in the original Starcraft (that was the counter to them being so technologically advanced. Zerg was more about cost effectiveness and expendable troops (yet weaker overall) and Terran's had the ability to be extremely mobile (being the middle ground for players, easier to play then Zerg or Toss but no overly powerful enough to effectively counter either)).

      The counter to that was focusing on what you wanted to build and only on that, forgoing everything else you may have wanted to do. My old fully upgraded carrier build isn't even viable anymore by what I've seen so far in the game with the slower build times and new units (I used to be able to get 12 fully upgraded carriers in about 10-15 minutes in the old SC but it required me to sacrifice not having a ground game to get and required 3 Cybernetics Cores, at least 3 Stargates, and a shit ton Pylons (my only defenses were a wall of double Photon Cannons (which I had a Probe hot keyed just to focuses on rebuilding any destroyed one)). It was a seriously debilitating build order if you didn't understand how to use it or even how to do it(I tried teaching it to others but they couldn't wrap their heads around the loss of ground game, nor were any of them good at micro-managing). I once knew a guy who had an Archon build that was devastating but much like by Carrier build was extremely hard to do but was the most effective counter to my Carrier build (Zerg and Terrans really had no effective counter to my build. The only real thing that could go toe to toe with a carrier was a battleship but they were extremely difficult to get out in the numbers needed to counter my build).

      I have learned that the most effective ground strategy so far in the game is to have at least 12 Zealots and 12+ Stalkers (then again I've only finished the 3rd mission and just got to Korhal before I got off this morning). Sure you'll loose quite a few troops but that make up can counter most of the early shit you'll face (Zealots for ground, Stalkers for both ground and air).

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