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  1. After 2 days into the new GW2 pvp league system I've decided to stop trying for this legendary back piece. I'll still do a pvp round here and there for my dungeon reward track, but the 3 matches per day requirement, the horrible balance, 50/50 forced win loss ratio and queue times.. its just not worth the time investment. I could make 2 other regular legendaries in the same span of time.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I think I hit a wall because of adventures. To get all the HoT masteries you have to do silver and mabye even gold on all of them for the mp. Some of them are beyond frustrating just to get bronze. They shouldn't have done this.

    3. Sledgstone


      They supposedly fixed the difficulty on a few of those, but from what I read it didn't help. I keep hitting a wall myself with time constraints. I'd consider myself a bit of a hardcore casual.. but the metas for the new maps are on a time schedule that never seems to coincide with my playtime. The spring update as far as I know, is supposed to change those map metas to not be on strict schedules. Also sounded like they're not going to have adventures locked behind meta events all...

    4. Sledgstone


      all the time. Until then, I'll keep piecemealing my time into making another legendary. These collections are fun for me since I can do them whenever. But HoT map metas, just like the pvp 3 matches per day meta is often too annoying of a time constraint for me. I don't mind dedicating time to a game when I can, but only having mostly successful HoT maps only at server reset time or having pvp daily meta only available during league seasons, with balance and mmr issues.. I loose so muc...

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