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  1. he is a bit psycho like that. X'D
  2. i think i missed that one. *plans to watch more this weekend*
  3. GTO

    Great Teacher Onizuka! our second box set arrived in the mail today! the entire series is ours now! *starts watching the rest of the series* anyone else watch GTO? i love this anime!
  4. GTO

    ooooohh.. must get.. live action series and movie.. @_@
  5. now that lady got the first 3 mangas of berserk and i got the first book of full metal panic, we're on our way to having a nice shelf dedicated to manga.
  6. GTO

    i was sad.. ;_;
  7. GTO

    coolies. i should check it out. we finished watching the rest of GTO this past weekend. i wasn't expecting that ending, but i love it. Onizuka is the greatest. X'D
  8. that jay and silent bob kill me every time. X'D *looks at you oddly.. again*
  9. i haven't seen this series yet, but i am intrigued by it. was it based off a manga?
  10. has anyone checked the official game company site to report these errors? maybe they offer a replacement disc?
  11. ah, i see. *looks at you oddly*
  12. what are you talking about? i said i need to watch more of the series because it looks like the story gets very dark and i'm wondering how the character development will progress.
  13. i need to watch this more.
  14. sesshoumaru is amazing in the third movie.
  15. GTO

    i've seen the entire series before, but i missed a few here and there so i rewatched the whole thing from the beginning. i'm on dvd 9 right now.
  16. when eppy visited, he put it on my harddrive. and after watching last nights episode, i'm definitly going to have to watch this series next. that yesterday's ep was so dark.. i'm going to check to see how much was edited out (if any).
  17. *has the entire series* man i need more time to watch anime.
  18. *wonders why we used the spoiler tags earlier in this topic* Movie 3 gallery: Parents Gallery (Movie 3) whats your fav movie 3 pic from the windscar gallery?
  19. *deletes sciffen's sig* i like sakura's forehead. shes so cute.
  20. i think overall i like more of the past animes best. but anything fantasy/sci-fish is good for me.
  21. i completely see the connection between wolf's rain and the dark tower. its as if they were the same story but in different realities. after finishing the dark tower i have a much bigger appreciation for wolf's rain. even the ending, its all relevant.
  22. i haven't seen it yet. maybe i'll get my hands on it soon tho.
  23. post it in fandom! i'd like to take a peek.
  24. i like it so far, i plan on watching the few other eps we have this weekend.
  25. *merges into existing berserk topic* we've seen all the eps and have all the manga (except for a few volumes) i wish they would release more eps but it doesn't look like they'll ever make another season. btw, the manga really explains what the hell is really happening at the end of the series.