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  1. DBZ's Goku J-voice is horrible, while Krillin's english voice (first couple seasons) was truely amazing. X'D i prefer subs mostly because of the vocal reactions. even tho i don't understand the language their speaking, i can pick up the j-voice actor's reactions and emotions alot better than most english va's. now don't get me wrong that english va's suck or anything, the main reason their almost always off is because of the tranlation bridge. they have to add or take away words or even change entire sentances to get the word/lip movement timed right. so yeah.. in most cases i feel the english VAs could do alot better if someone more competent was translating and timing the dialouge. if you take into consideration what i just said, i prefer sub over dub more because after watching different series in both formats, i can highly associate dub with "edited" As for Slayers, Gourry's english VA just plain sucked. how can you screw up screaming a name? easily done for gourry. LINAAAAAAA! Decent dubs for me include: Gundam Wing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fushigi Yugi, Outlaw Star, Full Metal Panic. Horrible dubs for me include: Slayers (even the music sounded screwed up sometimes), One Piece is way off but still funny, InuYasha is starting to fall into this category. i'm sure i have more, but i can't think of them all right now.
  2. i wonder if luffy drinks sam adams. X'D
  3. If you don't watch the Saturday morning eps, stop reading now. until CN can catch up to the current episodes on 4Kids, this topic can be used for the newest episode discussions. tomorrow luffy will be fighting arlong. i've been wanting to see this damn fight for the past month.
  4. boooo! the edited version gave me the completely wrong impression! the edited version showed shanks telling meehawk he wasn't going to let him leave alive with an evil glare... the unedited version showed shanks telling mehawk he wasn't going to let him leave like he was.. then the scene changes and shanks is getting plastered with mehawk! they're pounding away massive amounts of ale and shanks is telling mehawk he can't leave until hes drunk. they're buddies.. i feel mislead.. i should take a screenshot. X'D
  5. yeah, arlong is in the 40s range.
  6. for me, its Luffy, Zoro, then Nami. mmm... Nami..
  7. yeah, its not right to promote smoking via anime characters. all they do is stereotype sanji as the "cool smoking guy" so they throw a lolly pop in his mouth like people won't notice him ashing his candy.
  8. we're still in the 40s. must watch more.
  9. we can't post links to bittorrent sites, its against forum rules.
  10. nope, our saturday morning lineup has never been pre-empted (sp?) yet. btw, i pretty much summed up the whole foxbox/4kids thing here: X'D
  11. finished episodes 3 & 4.. this anime is so damn serious and violent! it makes the first series of FMP look like care bears.. i guess fumoffu is like a counter balance, funny gimics and laughter.. and then second raid comes along and boom!
  12. just finished watching all the arlong park battles.. the editing job they did on that was worse than i thought.. i think a 1/4 of luffy's fight was omitted. i suppose i should actually rename this topic from 4kids editing to Toei editing seeing as how the edited dvds coming out actually have toei's name all over them. i thought 4kids had the full license, but for some reason toei must have had it first and made the edited version.. but if thats the case, then what the hell is up with the edited version only dvd crap? i was under the impression 4kids was releasing all their properties in a unedited version like funi did with yu yu hakusho.. but if toei is releasing the dvds instead, then i suppose unedited one piece dvds will never come out.
  13. I always thought Dais's armor was freakin sweet.. thus he made it into the original header for the forums. Classic AC theme can't be beat.
  14. i never watched ronin warriors on toonami, the original airings were on fox i think.. it aired around the same time frame as sailor moon. i remember watching mystery science theater 3000, then ronin warriors, then sailormoon everyday that summer.. (i can't remember if the shows were in that order tho.)
  15. i need to buy this series on dvd. i always had plans to make a site for it and everything. *relishes in my ronin warrior fan days* the first sigs i ever used on AC were Ronin Warrior ones. all the admins back then had the custom rank: "Dark Warlord" Anubis was my favorite.
  16. Zoro is definitely spelled Zoro in the anime (as per my sig) and Luffy is spelled Luffy on the wanted posters. the translators need to get their stuff together.. this reminds me of inuyasha.. in the english dub, Kirara is Kilala and in one episode they come across another cat demon that looks just like her.. amazingly enough, this new cat's name is Kiroro in english.. you'd think if they were going to translate R's into L's they'd at least stick to it. thanks eva and kuwabara! i took a bunch of screenshots from movie 5 and pieced all the images together.
  17. mwhaha! now my sig reflects the truth! its even spelled Zoro in the anime. *curses 4kids*
  18. Now that Usopp has joined the crew, where is Luffy and the gang headed to now? Please use this topic to discuss the current episodes airing on CN.
  19. the 4kids theme song for one piece is hilarious, but yeah, it has nothing in common with the actual theme from the show. and the opening scene that goes with the theme was completely chopped up too to go with the 4kids rap.
  20. well there goes my theory.. it looks like she ran off to save her own ass. (edits) damn! i think starbuck is prego with a cylon baby!
  21. Mr. 5 was flipping his explosive boogers this morning! X'D "You should know better than to mess with a man that picks his nose... *flips booger*"
  22. what trees are growing on the Merry Go? i guess they are namis, but i must have missed the episode where they got them. anyone have any info about them and their significance?
  23. your ISPs must be screwing with you.
  24. ah, that makes much more sense now.
  25. i started watching some episodes again today.