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  1. bwahaha! *points finger and laughs* now someone knows how i feel! umm.. actually, any idea how many volumes of berserk have already been licensed?
  2. i never noticed that!
  3. heres a sneak peek at what they didn't show you in the anime... the demonic space was created by a vortex, heres a pic of it from the outside.. where skull knight fought zodd.
  4. i don't know how good it'll be tho.. and the dialouge.. ehh.. i wonder how they'll condense so much into a single movie. *remembers last two episodes of eva* ohh.. thats right. X'D as for the double post, you did:
  5. don't double post. yeah, i've heard about it for a couple years now.
  6. soldier: "every time he swings his sword, somebody dies!" oh man, i gotta watch that episode again. i think its the single most violent episode in all of anime. so many ppl die in twentyish minutes. Gutts is awesome. X'D
  7. *grumbles* i feel so left out.
  8. they explained it in the manga and it was left out in the anime. besides, if i remember it right, the guy had it coming.
  9. Gutts is the shit. now that you've seen half the series, look at the Berserk avatars i added a while back.
  10. friggin editing. GO USOPP!
  11. i'm just glad it'll be on thursdays.
  12. new eps!? excellent.
  13. Off Topic: yep, double posting is making a reply after your own. let someone reply first, then add post something else, or just edit your last post.
  14. For me its Luffy, then Zoro. They are the dudes.
  15. you can pre-order them just about anywhere. rightstuf, bestbuy, circuit city, amazon, etc. *edits* no double or triple posting! (edits) Delayed.
  16. thats hot! way to go dubie!
  17. the Fruits Basket dub was excellent.
  18. i should pre-order this. btw neo, don't double post.
  20. its because i watched the dub first. X'D i swear if you watch something in english before the sub, you'll associate the voice with the face. and i dunno why, but i love kaname's english voice!
  21. DBZ's Goku J-voice is horrible, while Krillin's english voice (first couple seasons) was truely amazing. X'D i prefer subs mostly because of the vocal reactions. even tho i don't understand the language their speaking, i can pick up the j-voice actor's reactions and emotions alot better than most english va's. now don't get me wrong that english va's suck or anything, the main reason their almost always off is because of the tranlation bridge. they have to add or take away words or even change entire sentances to get the word/lip movement timed right. so yeah.. in most cases i feel the english VAs could do alot better if someone more competent was translating and timing the dialouge. if you take into consideration what i just said, i prefer sub over dub more because after watching different series in both formats, i can highly associate dub with "edited" As for Slayers, Gourry's english VA just plain sucked. how can you screw up screaming a name? easily done for gourry. LINAAAAAAA! Decent dubs for me include: Gundam Wing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fushigi Yugi, Outlaw Star, Full Metal Panic. Horrible dubs for me include: Slayers (even the music sounded screwed up sometimes), One Piece is way off but still funny, InuYasha is starting to fall into this category. i'm sure i have more, but i can't think of them all right now.
  22. i wonder if luffy drinks sam adams. X'D
  23. If you don't watch the Saturday morning eps, stop reading now. until CN can catch up to the current episodes on 4Kids, this topic can be used for the newest episode discussions. tomorrow luffy will be fighting arlong. i've been wanting to see this damn fight for the past month.
  24. boooo! the edited version gave me the completely wrong impression! the edited version showed shanks telling meehawk he wasn't going to let him leave alive with an evil glare... the unedited version showed shanks telling mehawk he wasn't going to let him leave like he was.. then the scene changes and shanks is getting plastered with mehawk! they're pounding away massive amounts of ale and shanks is telling mehawk he can't leave until hes drunk. they're buddies.. i feel mislead.. i should take a screenshot. X'D
  25. yeah, arlong is in the 40s range.