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  1. the animation quality of the movie is better than the series, but overall, the plot of the series is better.
  2. I love that adorable Rock Lee! *teeth glint*
  3. Rock Lee is my dude and he was on Cartoon Network tonight, (i can't stand his english voice.. ) but yeah, what do you guys think about Rock Lee and/or Gai Sensei?
  4. hah! i figured as much. theres no action at all. any idea how long this season will be? 15 eps?
  5. i put that part in spoilers. Cartoon Network is just now airing around episode 20. they are dorks! X'D but their relationship is just so strong.. and they are hilarious too. Run to the sunset Lee! X'D and i hate gai's voice actor. he sounded like such a "Cool Guy" in japanese, but in english he sounds like kuwabara from yu yu hakusho. wtf.
  6. that whole water power was a let down. what good would it be just for the chakra bonus? pfft.. it should put the drinker into "God Mode"
  7. i still haven't caught up in the manga. but the series is getting more interesting.. mod souls..
  8. that ending is bullshit! i liked the movie, the fighting, animation and plot were all excellent, but the ending completely lost it for me. \ link is uberpissed with the ending too..
  9. the weekday eps are new.. but..
  10. ROTFLMAO! X'D i should turn that into a smilie.
  11. I had sex with A transvestite Because my mom told me to.
  12. good points double g. as for sauske's power, even tho it'll be short lived, sasuke wouldn't stay with orochimaru unless he was on the path of obtaining a power to kill itachi with.. and if he doesn't have his sharigan complete yet, i bet he'll have picked up quite a few forbidden techniques regardless of the short lived cursed seal power. *imagines sasuke summoning the fourth*
  13. its a 10 minute special that came with naruto movie 1. ^_~ There are currently 3 specials available.. the konoha sports festival (10 minutes), find the four leaf clover (30 minute/episode), and the jump feista special which is almost movie length about a team 7 mission to the hidden village of the waterfall.
  14. watch one or two more eps from where you're at now and you'll find out.
  15. i don't think sasuke has mastered his sharingan yet, but being with orochimaru and the sound ninja, he has probably copied every technique in the entire village.. and considering orochimaru's fascination with techniques, his subordinates were probably loaded with abilities.
  16. They won't be airing the last episode here in the states for quite a while too. We watched fansubs. the manga isn't anywhere close to being finished. The author announced it'll still be getting new chapters upwards and thru 2007. Just because the anime ended, the story is still ongoing.
  17. i've had the movie downloaded for about a month now, but i refuse to watch such a low quality version of it. i'm waiting for the dvd to come in the mail.
  18. *begins another rant about season 6* the only thing season 6 had that was good, were a few eps depicting the struggle kohaku has been going thru, sango's emotions and a kilala episode that was quite sad... and miroku's proposal.. but all in all its alot of episodes that don't progress anywhere. i mean yes, there were filler eps in previous seasons, but they accomplished something.. like inuyasha upgrading the tetsusaiga. there were multiple episodes like that, but they were relevant to a goal (killing naraku). but season 6, is a bunch of eps that even inuyasha describe as "having nothing to do with naraku, lets not waste our time" and then after that, it was nothing but kikyo/inu crap, kagome's idiotic behavior and inuyasha being a complete ass to kagome's feelings. and yes, hes an ass.. because after 5 seasons hes beyond "playing dumb" now, hes just a straight up ass that barely even acknowledges her. if you're asking for spoilers, i'll give them.. heck, you gotta expect them in a topic called "series finale" but yeah, kikyo is still alive.. she never actually died... because kagome saves her life. and by doing that, she has secured her own uselessness.
  19. *morphs into rabid fan boy* I love this story!
  20. Its not. If anything, it'll make you more pissed about their "relationship." the only good episode between the two of them was when inu finally met kagome's friends.. but after all the kikyo/inuyasha episodes it seemed completely out of place. naraku's current body makes him immortal.. he cannot die.. because of this, he no longer has to hide in the corner of a castle and pull strings from the shadows. instead he can get right into the middle of all the action and whoop some ass.. but instead of going after inuyasha he accomplishes nothing. even when he knows where the very last shards are.. he still doesn't straight up attack anyone! wtf.. considering how leisurly hes going about it, its as if he has changed his mind about what he wants to do with the shikon no tama, but the plot is not hinting at anything. i liked naraku when he "plotted" against his enemies and used others for his own purposes.. it was interesting.. but now he doesn't even have any lackys except for the pointless kagura, the never talking kanna and some freakish patchwork of a youkai. i thought entei added a new element to the show, but they killed him off so damn quick.. keh. btw, what is the purpose of them even needing kagome anymore!? her arrows can't penetrate naraku's barrier, there are no more shards for her to find, and she isn't needed to purify the shikon no tama or even control inuyasha if kikyo is going to be so damn close at hand all the time. That is naraku. instead of making incarnations anymore, he split himself into 2 parts.. the immortal naraku, and the small infant akago (sp?).. which later also spawned hakudoshi. all of which are naraku.
  21. ROTFLMAO! X'D that was some hilarious "shit"
  22. Sango! and if she turned me down.. then Kagome!
  23. ah, but don't forget what the president's lacky told Gaius, "That number means everything to the president" by having the bomb on Cloud Nine, the central hub of the entire human race, they would be in quite a position to destroy a significant amount of the fleet depending on how many ships are around it at the time. not only that, but it would be a major blow to the moral of the fleet to loose such a ship as the cloud 9. and yeah, i did not see that coming.. i thought the president would have been dead by the end of the season, but shit! but this makes me think of the prophecy.. "A dying leader will guide us to kobol, but will not live to see earth." Shes still going to have to die.. but now it looks like it won't happen for a while.
  24. He has mastered it. His only downside is that he has less chakra control than a senin or hokage (or even sakura) which is why he modified the technique to use a clone for the extra control. I think the same is true with chidori, neither sasuke or kakashi use it without the sharigan for assistance. All in all I think the rasengan is more powerful. the chidori requires a constant supply of chakra because it wastes so much energy. Remember all the times sasuke has done chidori and as while hes running to the enemy he drags his hand and walls are exploding? imagine if the sheer force of that attack was honed to a single point with no energy loss.. the power would be immense and cause critical damage. thats basically what rasengan does, but because of its control, a much smaller amount of chakra has to be exerted because there is no energy loss. a much more effiecient and devistating attack, something we should expect from a hokage technique.
  25. this could go in humor, but its inu yasha so i thought i'd share it in here. X'D