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  1. probably. One Piece episode 262 should be coming out today!
  2. hmm.. maybe i'll check them out. thanks!
  3. I've been thinking of ditching outlook express. It takes forever to load and I'm not crazy about how its always targeted by virus makers, etc. Any suggestions on a new email program? I'd just stick with webmail, but I have about 5 email accounts I like to check in a matter of minutes randomly throughout the day. Is the mail program by mozilla good?
  4. I lmao when I saw Luffy pull that octopus out of his pants. It had to have been there, tucked under his ball sack, for at least 12 hours.
  5. Its taken over a year, but we have finally caught up to current One Piece episodes. This anime is simply amazing. Is anyone else up to these eps? I know its almost right up there with the manga too.. oh my god... I'm not going to lie. I almost cried when Franky and Usopp talked about the Merry. and then they have the Going Merry ending credits.. I don't think I can imagine the Straw Hat Pirates without the Going Merry Go! Usopp: "Sogeking! The Warrior Sniper.. lu lu lu lu la la!" I have a feeling that Franky is going to join the crew.. oh, and I wonder what Nami's upgraded weapon can do.. ^___^
  6. EBgames has it for $24.99 and says: Final Fantasy: Advent Children with Exclusive Bonus Disc! http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=B067985A Amazon has it for $17.48 but for product description it states: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AMJG4Y/ref=pd_kar_gw_1/103-7740142-4208622?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance&n=130Is it just my imagination, or is EBgames' "Bonus disk" actually the second disk in the 2-disk special edition? hmmm.. btw, has anyone else seen a better price than amazons?
  7. or a region 0 player. i think you can buy them online easier now. I also remember seeing a website that would let you turn your dvd player into a region 0 player by inputing a series of commands into your remote..
  8. when comparing the english voice actors to the original japanese voice actors.. for me its got more to do with the emotion in the voice and the way the voice presents the character. Fruits Basket and Cowboy Bebop are both great examples of the voices truely matching up with the characters, their facial expressions, feelings, etc. while other dubs don't always hit the mark.. the goofy idiotic english voice of Gai Sensei in Naruto pisses me off. While Gai is elaborate and talks "cool" in japanese, in english he sounds like a moron. Inuyasha is good in english, but the japanese inuyasha actually growled frequently when he was pissed off.. maybe because hes a dog demon.. little things like that get cut all the time too. and kuwabara's english voice.. wtf. X'D I can understand cutting words or phrases or translating dattebayo to "Believe It!" for editing reasons and lip syncing.. but damn. sometimes they really screw up. I just pray that Bleach will be a good dub. If Itchigo sounds like Naruto, I'll be pissed.
  9. bebop! yes! that should be on my list as well! *edits*
  10. I learned from my dad. he doesn't even raise his voice when he complains, and somehow stores just throw merchandise at him. X'D
  11. eh.. I dunno about that list myself. my top ten are: 1) Fruits Basket 2) Fullmetal Alchemist 3) Fushigi Yugi 4) Golden Boy 5) Steamboy 6) Gundam Wing 7) Full Metal Panic 8) Outlaw Star 9) Rurouni Kenshin 10) InuYasha 11) Cowboy Bebop (added an 11th. )
  12. X'D I am so glad tony danza won't be in naruto. phewww..
  13. I would have been one of those asshole customers everyone looks away from. me: *bitch bitch* Let me speak to your manager! This is false advertising! Bait and Switch! etc. etc. I'd have been an ass until they sold it to me for the $60. X'D
  14. yes, best of luck with your future. We'll miss you when you leave.
  15. Nightmares and Dreamscapes should be pretty good. *is dieing to watch Desperation*
  16. In that episode in which Rosyln is dying from cancer.. I had a feeling of deja vu. Well, I realized what the connection was. Independence Day! Mary McDonnell played Roslyn on BSG and the president's wife on Independence Day. And in both, she was lying on a bed dying. If I had the dvds, I'd get screenshots. Does anyone else remember these scenes?
  17. We've never cross breeded anything, I'd love trying it tho. Oh, our bearded iris's cross pollinated tho. One year they were all yellow and then the next they were all half purple/half yellow. crazyness.
  18. do it Double G! it'll save you money in the long run by letting you play all those fansubs.
  19. awesome plants! i love the rose! have you tried planting sunflowers before? oh, I bet you could grow mammoth ones uber huge.
  20. I love the Zoro one! (that fight was bad ass) and the Sanji avatar kicks ass. Off Topic: Princess Tasha, try clearing your internet cache. Either that or fiddle with your browser/firewall settings.
  21. Sledgstone

    Long time no see?

    Prowler, welcome back. Hows everything been?
  22. Maybe it was an in store item? Like a last year model they found in the back? Some of those retailers inventory systems will drastically reduce old items. I'd but a 500GB hard drive for $60 in a heartbeat.
  23. yeah, you're comp might be a bit slow to run the video files.
  24. I should buy one of those, I think I have an old 60GB harddrive in the basement.
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