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    Inu Yasha fiction, I did it for Rin

    The Rin scenes are really cute, when she cried for Misha mama it was so sad All of the characters seem to be ic, even when you're "changing" them. I see how Sesshomaru is becoming more like his father, so his father gets his wish after all The bad guys are great. I love having at least one crazy bastard in a story (Odoku) and Azuki just seems plain evil. I felt so bad for poor Misha good thing Sessy was there to make her feel all better I like how the tet you're working with has become so close to each other. I like the Sessy Rin interaction. You can really tell how much he loves her and how well he understands her. The fight on the beach was great "Your head is next" very Sessy indeed. So.. how did you come up w the o.c.'s and whats up with the Kingisms? char-u tree and dan-dhin are pretty obvious, but what about the poor unfortunate creatures that don't know SK's stuff. I'll guess the underlying theme is adapt or die? I want to hear what the english lit proffesor and the shrink in your head think of the story edit: I don't see anything wrong with the love scene. It's squeeky clean compared to some of the stuff I have written
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    Inu Yasha fiction, I did it for Rin

    Yeah...well, now that Sledge has posted a preview of the next installment, I'll be looking for it to be here soon...If it's close to done, that is.
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    Inu Yasha fiction, I did it for Rin

    yer such a slob sledge writing from Rin's pov is fun. She's uber cute. I liked where Sesshomaru rips Odoku's arm off and tells him his head is next yeah... romantic scenes arent really my strong suit. my idea of a love story falls somewhere between Berserk and Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi) rubbin the filth off herself with a stick 'still not clean!'