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Disney Closes Shop on LucasArts

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Disney has announced that it will be laying off 150 employees and closing the doors to its newly acquired gaming studio LucasArts. The decision was based on Disney's desire to licenses rights out to external developers to avoid the burden of failed projects. The games StarWars 1313 and First Assault have been cancelled and are assumed to all but dead. Disney has claimed that efforts to pitch 1313 to other developers have failed.

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This sucks. :( I'm surprised Disney would want to outsource games. Considering how good they are doing with their own movie productions, you'd think they'd want to keep their properties close to home or maybe acquire a new gaming company or even expand Lucasarts.. Maybe there were more issues going on at Lucasarts than whats been released publicly.


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I think Disney is just consolidating all the IPs so they dont have like 6 millions companies out there



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