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WWE Network Revealed... The Future of TV


World Wrestling Entertainment has announced their TV network that will be the Netflix of Pro Wrestling and much more. Not only will the network offer 30 years of back catalog of your childhood memories... WWF, WCW, and ECW included, but will also offer every current PPV live for $10 a month with a 6 month commitment. Whether you want to see Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ricky the Dragon Steamboat at Wrestlemania III, or the Untertaker's unbeaten streak continue at last years Wrestlemania it will all be there at the grasp of your fingertips.

While you may scratch you head at the importance of this announcement, Gizmodo explains further in the link below how its a great move, even if you have zero interest in pro wrestling. WWE Network is being hailed as a major stepping stone in the future of television.


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This would be so much more exciting if I didn't hate John Cena.


But then again its still more exciting than waiting for Jeff Hardy & Kurt Angle to leave TNA.


Still not as exciting as WWE 2K14 which still failed to grab my attention when I realized it didn't offer anything new.


I'm more excited now for the last WWE Game for PS4 before PS5. (Which also may offer nothing new)

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I used to love WWE / WWF back when I was a kid. But I never paid for the pay per views.. once those starting happening 6+ times a year I slowly realized that all the regular shows were nothing but build up to the paid events. I'm glad this is happening. Maybe now Syfy will actually put more sci-fi shows on again to replace the wrestling programming.


I'd love to see other shows / networks do the same thing. I'd love to drop cable and instead pay separate bills for the programming that I'd want. If there was a discovery / science channel network, history channel network and maybe a couple more, I wouldn't have to pay for the 300+ channels I don't even watch. This is probably one of the smartest things Vince McMahon has done with his franchise. Cut out the middle man and get all the money directly from the consumer. I wonder if he got the idea from The Anime Network or Funimation. Both of those companies have been doing subscription based networks for years now.


I wonder if the WWE network will have the old XFL games available to watch. lmao. XD

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I used to love WWE / WWF back when I was a kid. But I never paid for the pay per views.. once those starting happening 6+ times a year I slowly realized that all the regular shows were nothing but build up to the paid events. I'm glad this is happening. Maybe now Syfy will actually put more sci-fi shows on again to replace the wrestling programming.


That or if they somehow gotten obsessed with Sports Entertainment they could always pick up the failing TNA once Spike TV drops it due to bad ratings....


But then again maybe they should also follow WWE's example & become subscription based thus meaning the proper pronunciation would finally be See Fee.... As in order to See it you'd have to pay the Fee first....


But then again if See Fee turned out to be crap even without WWE they could alway change their name to Fee Sees....

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I'll probably get it so relive some childhood memories. Ive been going to a friends house and we busted out the VCR and watched some old Raw's and Nitros. The Regular shows were amazing from 1995-2000 because of the intense rivalry between WCW and WWF. Titles changed hands on Raw and Nitro, and the cards were PPV quality. I knew the day WCW died, that quality wrestling was pretty much over with. You see the same story lines from 15 years ago repacked with different faces now.

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I think Hogan was the best villain and hero.



Plus no one saw his turn... kids were crying in the arena because of it. One of the great swerves. Just look at all the trash thrown into the ring XD

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I wouldn't consider Hulk Hogan to be the best villain / hero. Although at the time it was one of the biggest swerves in wrestling. One swerve bigger than it was probably The Montreal Screw Job. Still I ended up preferring Hogan as a villain.... Well until he deserved X-Pac Heat.


Which brings me to my own nominees (in no particular order) in this area which may or may not outdo Hulk Hogan.

  1. Sean Waltman aka X-Pac: Maybe this is just me but I never remember getting sick of X-Pac. He had been part of my favorite factions such as nWo, nWo Wolf Pac (Before the Red & Black nWo Logo), & D-X. Maybe its because he never reached WWF World Champion status that I never got sick of him. Still he is the reason to why X-Pac Heat is named after him for being sick of a performer; not a character.
  2. Ric Flair: I totally have X-Pac Heat for Ric Flair. I didn't care whether he was a good guy or a bad guy. Every time he was around he was there to be in the main event or to be the world champ. I'm not mad at him for cheating. But just being around so long that I'd wish he'd go the way of Terry Funk or just stay retired.
  3. Razor Ramon: Probably doesn't deserve to be on this list. But I had assumed he called himself The Bad Guy, but was too lazy to be an actual Bad Guy.
  4. Goldust: I'm pretty certain Goldust would supposed to always remain a villain. Surprisingly though the crowd got over their homophobic thoughts toward a man that was heterosexual to begin with.
  5. Bill Goldberg: Not for turning heel but simply being allowed to remain unbeatable. Goldberg is the kind of guy that I think gives a Staged Sport a bad name. Not to mention he ended Bret Hart's career (and others) due to not being properly trained.
  6. Stone Cold Steve Austin: I think he was meant to remain a bad guy. And I doubt Austin 3:16 was suppose to catch on the way it did.
  7. Bret The Hit Man Hart: Had Bret said he was sorry for how he brutally beat Stone Cold the (US) fans would've ultimately considered it water under the bridge. But man seeing a Face like Bret acting the way he did toward Stone Cold in that match was a shocker.
  8. The Rock: I honestly liked The Rock back when he was going by the name Rocky Maivia. In fact I had a friend who thought Rocky Maivia was lame. Dang if Rocky Maivia never joined The Nation Of Domination where he ultimately became The Rock my friend would've never changed his mind.
  9. Mick Foley: Once he was allowed to drop the previous insanity that was Mankind he shined better as a performer. Also known for putting Asses into Seats. The previous Mankind though was probably one of my favorite villains.
  10. HHH: Prior to his marriage I liked HHH. But he has had a habit of getting X-Pac Heat. Especially every time he had to remind everyone he was dating the boss's daughter.
  11. John Cena: Not for formerly being a heel, but just because of being a face for way too long. That & somehow killing my childhood even more when he was allowed to defeat The Rock for the world Title.... And Chris Jericho before his hair cut.... And Sabu.... Maybe I shouldn't be shocked if this list can still grow.
  12. Vince McMahon: The man who had made most of wrestling what it was & will become. And the man who killed SMW, ECW, & WCW. Not only that but paraded with each corpse of those companies while he was at it. No matter how much good he does it has been a reminder that his business has & can be run purely on his ego.
  13. Chris Benoit: Probably one of the best (Face) Wrestlers to ever be in the business. His disturbing death is something no one can or should ignore. Part of me still wants to believe had he stopped doing (flying) head butts none of what happened would've happened.

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Interestingly enough, the Raw I watched form June of 2000, Benoit took 3 direction chair shots to the head, went head first into a locker and pepsi machine, and then got rock bottomed on the hood of a limo in the span of 20 seconds.... hindsight is 20/20.


The Montreal Screw Job was a real screw job, so I don't categorize it as a swerve. lol


I couldn't stand Ric Flair. In fact, Macho Man Randy Savage became my favorite wrestler when he defeated Flair for the title.


John Cena was a better heel, and he was pretty funny with those free styles... He faces the 95 Hulk Hogan staleness now, but the WWE wont make him heel because his merch keeps selling for the kids from what I've read.


The Rock is by far the most talented on the mic, heel or face, he was simply hysterical.


Bret Hart was an amazing heel

X'D Hart said this was his favorite moment in all of his WCW career... man was it funny.


Stone Cold and the nWo were intriguing heels because eventually the fans cheered for them... while they were still heels. they both broke those common rules in wrestling, nothing was safe, and the fans loved it... in WCW, a lot of the face characters like Lex Luger started to complain to management because they were starting to get booed. Scott Hall's survey time started swinging heavily in favor of the nWo. They are my favorite stable, and sadly the breakaway of the Wolfpac and then the reunion, and its many revivals ran it into the ground.


Jericho was another great character. His talent on the mic rivaled the rock, but had a little more intelligence to them rather than vulgar outlandish shock phrases. In WCW he was the top mid card, and the funniest out of anyone in the company. His feud with Dean Malenko is highly underrated. I'll never forget Ralphus. In WWE, his debut was phenomenal, and he was allowed to thrive in the top card for a good run. 


Kurt Angle (On Steroids) was a great heel and talented wrestler. He looks so sickly now...


My underrated heel is Kanyon... only because he was a part of the funniest angle ever IMO.


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Whats the best tag team group in all of wrestling history?


I liked the Road Warriors / The Legion of Doom... but didn't the Insane Clown Posse get into the ring a couple times? I remember hearing something abou that a few years ago. Was it stupid or just a way for them to promote themselves?

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To me The Outsiders were or are the best Tag Team in Wrestling History. Even if there never was a third man to eventually create The nWo, Hall & Nash wouldn't have really needed it.


Although if you were to base it on Tag Titles won that would be Ray & Devon aka The Dudley Boys / Team 3D.


I don't remember any ICP matches. I do remember they were promoting their own wrestling organization when they were hanging out with Vampiro.


I didn't know who Chris Jericho was until I saw his feud with Dean Malenko over 1,001 vs 1,004 submissions known. Chris Jericho tagging with Eddie Guerrero was one of my favorite Tag Teams.


I feel sorry for Kanyon since he ultimately committed suicide over not being in a wrestling company. If WCW could've survived his suicide by extension would've been prevented.

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ICP did a hilarious feud with "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome. Awesome did an Awesome bomb on the top of a school bus on Shaggy 2 Dope and Shaggy slid off unscripted. Mike Awesome and the ref broke character to make sure he was ok on the pin, but you saw Awesome try to catch Shaggy's leg before he fell off:


Happens at 4:06


Best Tag Team in History?


The Mega Powers Hogan and Savage is my pick, but there is a lot of good ones, Harlem Heat, The Steiner Brothers, The Outsiders, LOD, The New Age Outlaws, Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz... Too Cool is another favorite of mine solely on the fact that they were funny.


Best feud in history for me is Macho Man vs. DDP... they really put everything into their matches. Savage put DDP over and made him who he was similar to how Hart made Steve Austin.

worth a watch.


Another Thing a loved about Jericho is his purposely mispronounced names. XD

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