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  1. his 7th son.. because... the... letter? D is the 7th one
  2. yeah... but wolfwood is awsome but hes a bitch for betraying him... bitch!
  3. damn son! i would say friggen Alucard all the way!!!! that bad ass would kill that little D! hes only one letter! when alucard is... i...2...4? ok well hes 7 letter!
  4. true. true... you preach the word of truth SISTER! *Dances like they do in (not racial but some) black churches*
  5. Damn son! im gonna have to say sessomeraccathanlodoo.... you know what i mean!
  6. kenshin, excel saga, naruto, shamen king, one piece, ect... good stuff!
  7. DBZs old to me... hiei is pretty sweet! him and vegeta are like eachother
  8. manga dosent really appeal to me that much... i buy dvds!
  9. NGE is a cool show:) i liked when they put it newtype! the centerfold was cool if you know what i mean!
  10. I liked when knives wrote his name in blood after he killed the whole town
  11. i never seen the last episode though... so now i understand Wolfwood is super cool!
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