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  1. Thank you @Sledgstone for the suggestion, I do appreciate it. Looks like the moisture locked training pads is a good catch as I am seeing a lot of great reviews.
  2. I have a 4-month old Siberian puppy that is undergoing potty training at home. I can say that so far she’s being a good girl following most of the house rules. My problem now is how I will be able to maintain a clean free area as I have a 2-year old niece playing around. I have tried to conduct some research and have seen these environmental-friendly dog waste disposal products online. Which among these kits do you highly recommend? Is there any other way aside from purchasing the said item?
  3. I have watched the original Blade RUnner and I must say that it is the best film of its time. Harrison Ford has given justice to the character of Deckard and I just love the story.
  4. I honestly don't like the fact that they chose Scarlett Johansson to play the character of Mira. She's good playing Lucy and Black Widow but not on this one. Critics have actually given this film a bad review. My friends who love this Japanese anime is not impressed with the outcome of the movie.
  5. animequeen

    YT thread

    Anyone of you who have heard this song before?
  6. Though shall not forget about Street Fighter, now I want to visit Japan and eat some sushi. I also like this one, Final Fantasy never fails to create an interesting OST for all their series.
  7. And nobody wants to give it a try. I as well think that there is something wrong with the combination of ingredient in this pizza.
  8. Tell us how it tastes like when you give it a try.
  9. What is your thought about this new flavored pizza? Will you give it a bite? I honestly believe that pineapple topping is better than the banana.
  10. Just 4 episodes? I hope that they will add more, this anime looks promising. I will watch this once the series is complete.
  11. Is this a new series? Geez, I feel so old right now. This has been one of my favorite anime when I was young.
  12. This is such a great news for those who love Godzilla. I must say that the last film was not too impressive, but will definitely watch this anime series.
  13. The developers have already confirmed that this game won't be available on PS4. I am honestly not that disappointed since I can still play this game on PC once it is released in September. Should I be happy that I don't own a Mac since it will only be available on Microsoft Windows?
  14. Pardon me but I haven't seen this television series. One of my all-time favorite TV show is "How I Met Your Mother?" if ever it is considered as an old tv show.
  15. It's not just you @Sledgstone that have found the casting of The Fault in Our Stars weird. Good thing the movie was good so lets just try to set aside the brother and sister relationship in Divergent series. LOL
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