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  1. Hmm. Somehow, this reminds me of a David Blaine spoof I once saw.
  2. Lurker

    PETA Kills Pets

    We need more shelters that don't put pets down. >.<
  3. Lurker


    I dunno why, but most of my friends online are in Cali, but I've never been further west than Dallas. ^^
  4. Hilarious! I love how the woman keeps trying to tell Lee Camp what she should be concerned about. And it's too priceless that they basically proved his point. x3 [ame] [/ame]
  5. Woot! It's Aron Ra! That dude rocks! This guy is great too. [ame] [/ame]
  6. I'm a huge science nut and I love sustainable technologies (Zeitgeist Movement ftw!) so I can't resist posting this. http://www.zeitnews.org/energy/new-wave-of-ocean-energy-to-be-trialed-off-the-coast-of-australia.html Australia is trying out a new form of wave power. Think of it like a heavy contraption sitting on the seas floor with a bunch of pistons connected to floats that hang on the ocean surface. As the ocean goes up and down, it pumps the pistons. Not all that different from your toilet assembly.
  7. I hear people are losing their mind over this movie because they think it's teaching kids about Communism. People are so paranoid.
  8. Bwahahaha! I see a Netflix ad at the top of this page. Oh, the irony.
  9. Agreed. Not to mention that visual appeal is part of what makes anime more appealing than American cartoons.
  10. Lurker


    You d*** right there has. x3 You have no idea how hard it is not to spoil it.
  11. I'm starting to see more and more CG in animes. I hope that doesn't stick because classically drawn anime is still better.
  12. Lurker

    Return Debut!!!

    Oooooh. I've got an uncle in Iraq. >.< He was in Afghanistan too. I think he has done like 3 or 4 tours.
  13. Lurker


    Nice to meet you. I'm in the deep south.
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