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    name is Joe...i love emails and random IMs...
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    in spira
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    art, computers, weight training, martial arts, football, math, cryptography, NavySEALs, CIA
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    Gatekeepers 21, card captors, dual!, armitage(all), cowboy bebop
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    FF games
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    A Boy Called H
  1. just to wonder, how do those cd cleaners clean the drives?
  2. well if they did, people wouldnt be careful with there own, and anytime theres got scratched theyd just send in for a replacement...
  3. you cant reach 100%? im sure you can, your just not doing something, or you did something wrong in the very begining
  4. omg 5 places where the game sucks compared to the hundreds of where it rocks...give them a break, i doubt you could even comprehend the amount of hard work they put into that
  5. not even half of the amount of people in the us...stop thinking so american, this country isnt the only bloody place on the planet
  6. maybe its just a product line that messed up, and it was all sent to your general area...and i seemingly doubt 4% of the people want there money back, in all the people i know personaly and huge online forums noone was that disapointed with it...
  7. (0_o) ive played 40 days and about 20 hrs so far total in that game...i never said all at once...pay attention next time...*sigh*
  8. holy shit...i have literaly logged nearly 1000+ hrs into FFXI by now...i didnt think 40 days and some odd hrs was that much...wow...im going to stop playing fro a while i think lol....no im lieing im giong to be playing it tomarow and the day after even still i had like 100+ in FFX and a ton in AC2 - played that about 10 hrs straight with a friend once, did nonstop rank battles and shit, stuck on one guy for at least an hr im sure...bastard had hella def aparently ff9 im sure i have near 100 hrs in same with 8 and possibly 7 and alot in GTA3 im sure,
  9. hmmm this is tough....Fighting Force 2, i mean its ok....but the first was so fucking awesome that the second was barely even as good as the firt, also ignoring it went from ultra easy to omfg raibow6 on elite mode is childs play compared to this
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