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  1. Mike Pence looks like my big toe when I'm suffering from poor circulation

    1. Sledgstone


      I've seen her toe and its true. XD

      He also looks like Race Bannon from Johnny Quest and Hank Hill's dad. XD



    2. DeathscytheX
    3. Sledgstone
  2. A huge opportunity has been wasted.  They shoulda planted drugs on Trump so they coulda thrown him in a shitty jail cell where he coulda rotted to death. What a waste of a trip to Mexico.

  3. Very disappointed nobody shot Trump in the face last night. 

  4. Carol probably chose to go in and get Beth while Daryl took Noah back to the others for reinforcements. They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.... Carol wasted Terminus in 10 seconds mwahahahaha
  5. Carol was totally fuckin awesome. From taking care of Tyreese and Judith to raising hell in Terminus. She fuckin wasted that joint. Whooooooooooooooooo go Carol!!! When that woman steps up shit gets done! When Daryl saw her and ran to her for hugs... oh man everybody gotta ship that now! Even her and Rick were cool "You do that?" so cute. Rick and Carl reunited with Judith, Sasha and Tyreese, all good yo. Looking forward to Morgan joining them. Tyresse is gonna tell Rick he knows hes cool and Rick should stfu and appreciate that woman! Glen will convince him Tara and Abraham's group is cool. TTD: Conan was great but they shoulda had one of those women that ship Daryl Carol cuz she woulda been losing her mind lol
  6. there were some really awesome moments Lagertha and the queen laughing it up over her killing the earl, then Lagertha showing up and taking her out. Loved it when Siggy hands Ragnar the knife Horik gave her to kill the children. Mwahahaha I think that Ragnar didn't want to say forever and ever Amen because he thought it might be blasphemy to his gods
  7. In the season 2 tease we see Athelstan missing his right hand and Egbert using it to feed a deer. I think the king's door is swinging both ways and he more then just likes his scribing priest. He couldn't keep up with princess fuck you into a coma and sent in warriors as apposed to his priest. I found it amusing she grabbed that viking guys junk and they were both all lol I thought Rollo's plumbing got trampled on too, I don't have a dick but I was squirming for him shit man.As for Floki.... if he is like Loki then he's just playing Horick and that fucker will be dead soon
  8. Ladywriter

    The Walking Dead

    From the album: Sigs by Lady

    season four to five
  9. I'll have to go back and watch the eps again but I think the guy that killed Sigvard went to war with Lagertha. If so he's seen her prove herself worthy of Valhalla while her shitty husband just sits around pissing and moaning. It is in his best interest spiritually to follow a warrior if he wants reward in the afterlife. Sending in three dudes to beat the crap out of your sleeping wife is some pretty bad form, the tension of the feast goers at the sight of Lagertha all fucked up is palpable. He got what he fuckin deserved as far as I'm concerned. Invading a former allies turf and then expecting him to blow it off is more bad form. I was kind of hoping Rollo was going to kill Horik, pretty obvious Siggy hates him. Maybe she'll get fed up and start stabbing eyes herself Hopefully Jarl Borg will get his come upins as long as asshole Horik doesn't get in the fuckin way. Ragnar wont need him if there are ships and shipwrights in Lagertha's territories (we know she has the man power). I called the atheist thing last week ROTFLMFAO!!!!
  10. If were going to display the dead they would be nailed to a wall or hanging from the roof intact so you could see it wasn't a walker but an asshole I killed. I looked at the skeleton pile from a forensic point of view (I have watched waaaaaayyy to much Bones lol) and de-fleshing is indicative of cannibalism. I've also read post apocalypse books/played games/movies etc so cannibalism isn't a new or foreign concept to me, I expected it to come up sometime (same goes for religious zealotry of some sort). There was no livestock holding area in the vicinity, its possible they have a farm elsewhere, but the way Glen's group just walked right the fuck in, seeing no guards and nobody but grilling Mary.... red flags everywhere. Rick was spot on entering Terminus another way not that it did them any good in the end.
  11. Of fuckin course I did lol. Going off the quick glimpse we get I would guess that the bodies were de fleshed shortly after death (hopefully after death *shudder*) none of that boil with bone in because of the amount of coagulated blood still on the bones. Rick's cop training kicked in when he started seeing his peoples belongings and the watch sealed the deal. Shit even Daryl recognized his own fucking poncho yo. The fight between Joe's gang and team prison was pretty intense. And I'm saying it, Rick went mama bear on their asses. Biting is the last resort in a bitch fight and Rick embraced that shit lol. Mutilating the scuz that was going to rape his kid, yup cut the fucker into pieces. I figured Daryl would skip out on Joe's gang and he was about to. A little frustrating he didn't explain Beth but he'll get to it now that Maggie is there too. Totally satisfied with the story of how Michonne became a monster and was gone for a long time. She was punishing the dudes even after death for being too incompetent to protect the baby. The cliffhanger we don't see is Where are Carol Tyreese and Judith???? Did Rick get ahead of them when they were lingering at the grove? We have to hope so because Terminus is fucked up and they weren't in the rail car with the others. Beth's safety is still up in the air but if she's with decent people maybe they can help. Still we don't know who cut off the heads of murderer liar and rapist. Probably not Joe's gang as they're all cool with rapeing and killing. Unlikely the Terminus culties if they're eating people that would be a waste of 'food'. The persons who grabbed Beth perhaps? Is there still a crazed judgmental decapitator running around? fuck its gonna be a long wait >.<
  12. Oh for fucks sake the grill just screams long pork. That there were no guards on the buildings, that both motherfucking gates were open I would have assumed walkers inside. Creepy lady though, that's even scarier. The leavings of others are all over as they made a point to show, but shes the only one there to greet? Fuck lower your weapon yo. I'd be busting out the three questions on her ass. Glen showed the signs of exhaustion and stress all episode. He broke into a run, refused to rest someplace they could secure, made Tara keep waking all fucked up and then goes into the tunnel o' zombie because the blood paint isn't totally dry yet and Maggie is just ahead. Then when they're screwed he chooses to fight instead of abandoning her. He really needs eight hours. I was glad to see him find Maggie, I think it gives Sasha hope her brother is still alive. P chan, think of The Dark Tower series and how much time Stephen King devotes in those books to educating the reader about Roland, his past, his dreams, his thoughts on things. The tower is just the destination, the story is about Roland and his tet and their journey and how they change as they experience the journey. Post zombie apocalypse Georgia is just a setting like Mejis or the Calla in a world moving on. TWD story is about what happens to these people, internally(Michonne crying when she holds Judith) and externally(Michonne decapitating zombies) as they journey for survival. A lot of shit has gone down at the prison, its compromised and given up, the gov attacked twice, the flu/those who turned killed a lot of people, Carol murdering, Rick farming etc. We need episodes showing us what is going on with the characters internally so that we can empathize and understand their actions. Its the way it is for the medium that it is presented.
  13. When coming to understand that one religious delusion, in this case blood sacrifice, is interchangeable with another, cognitive dissonance falls apart. He shows an almost contempt for the bread, crumbles it and throws it down. Its insignificant compared to what he has seen. When he tries to get back in with jebuz a devil attacks, but when he really goes looking for the thing it is not there; another delusion confronted. I vote Athelstan will be the first to go full blown atheist. I'm also wondering what he is eating/drinking. Contaminated food made people trip their balls off and alcohol was safer to drink then the water. Aslaug named the baby after her father and his, Ragnar has a "snake in his eye", Lagertha. He still isn't over his first wife and Aslaug is letting Lagertha know that she knows.
  14. Emotionally devastating episode, brilliantly done. They build up the feeling of comfort and family unity (we could stay here/ Tyreese telling Carol he trusts her etc) and then the bottom drops out and the fall is hard. It became painfully obvious as the episode moves along that Lizzie can't escape her psychotic delusions, she probably has had some kind of therapy before, look at the flowers/count/breath are taught coping skills. There were flowers in their cell at the prison.Maybe her parents, maybe a professional. Looking back on her not stabbing her dad it was because she wanted him to come back. I thought Lizzie might throw Mika to the walkers, let her get bit kinda thing. I couldn't help but see people saying she was going to kill Mika, but I didn't expect she would straight up gut her sister. For the mentally ill it is a small step to go from killing animals to killing people. That was a tough scene to watch. When Carol said Lizzie would have let Karen and David turn, then I knew it was Carol. Her distress in those eps was her guilt at what she had done, Tyreese wants her to live with that. They will share the pain of Karen's loss together. Carol did what she thought was right for all of them at the prison, did what she had to do with Lizzie. Tyreese understands that. He knows she loved the girls. She thought about taking Lizzy away but they both knew that would just screw them all. They knew what they had to do.Carol stepped up again. He could forgive her because Carol didn't act out of malice, it was necessity, maybe even mercy. Carol says Do what ya gotta do twice, she was ready to die if he so chose. Karen didn't suffer or know what was happening, it was quick and that was enough for Tyreese because he knew how sick she was. Lizzie didn't suspect or feel anything either. He knows he needs Carol and he does trust her and like her. She helps fill the big sister void he has with Sasha gone. I think this whole experience has bonded the two in a special way.
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