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  1. Looks interesting, Similarish theme to the Matrix movies, considering that it's produced and directed by the Wachowskis, not much of a surprise. IMDB This post has been promoted to an article
  2. Looks interesting, Similarish theme to the Matrix movies, considering that it's produced and directed by the Wachowskis, not much of a surprise. IMDB
  3. Khellendross

    facebook anyone?

    I've only ever used Facebook. >.>
  4. vb5 does indeed look quite terrible, I do stop by from time to time, just rarely have much to say >.>
  5. Congradulations on another year, may your next bring you better fortune than your last.
  6. I'm actually paying for 35/35. Its FIOS, and I'm Wired. I was using Comcast and getting 20/5 from them, then I got a notice last September that they were changing the way I'd be billed, and it was going to 74.99 a month for the same service (I'd been paying 39.95) Called Frontier, week later I had this hooked up, 55.95 a month with no contract.
  7. What speeds do the rest of ye get?
  8. I'd forgotten about St. Patrick's being not so far off. >.>
  9. http://tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/1b-of-nude-body-scanners-made-worthless-by-blog-how-anyone-can-get-anything-past-the-tsas-nude-body-scanners/
  10. Couldn't imagine o.0, thing must be pretty heavy too.
  11. Currently using a HD6850 in my setup, replaced the HD4850 I was using. What cards are the rest of you using for your systems?
  12. Can't wait for this movie to come out. >.>
  13. Been looking forward to this game for awhile now. Going to have to play through ME1 and 2 again though, Save game files were on a HD that crashed >.<
  14. Looks pretty awesome, can't wait. >.>
  15. Looks great, I believe my wife read the book awhile back.
  16. 1% and 2% are not all that different, shouldn't notice too much of a taste difference, Fat free is thin enough it looks like colored water, still tastes like milk though.
  17. Kind of weaned myself off the other things, went from Whole milk to 2% when I first moved in with Shalla, Dropped to 1% about a year ago, fat free for the last 4 months.
  18. I actually switched to healthier eating not so long ago, fat free milk, not eating out as often, moar chicken and wild caught fish (Helps that I now live near Seattle) Soon as I have reliable transportation again I plan on taking a look at more of the Nature trails around here (will post pictures of that) >.>
  19. Unfortunately this will end up being the cheap solution to this problem, i foresee them just spraying this stuff all over landfills, especially overseas in countries like India, where garbage of this nature is a huge problem.
  20. Khellendross

    Missy the Cat

    I put it in spoiler tags because it's a bit long >.>
  21. http://blip.tv/sam-mayfield-/journalists-targetted-and-arrested-at-wisconsin-state-capital-5257481
  22. Been out of work all week. Bronchitis, my voice went on wends from the coughing. Current plans are to hopefully be able to speak in a normal voice tomorrow when i go back to work o.@;;
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