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  1. There are achievements in the PC version. I don't think they have anything to do with XBL though. On a different note, this is what i have right now. It's fairly weaksauce
  2. While downloading torrents Not as nice as you comcast folk, but ill take what i get
  3. While its no CS:S, the game is insanely fun. The maps are lacking a bit, but thats alright. The artstyle is pretty neat -- like Evil Genius. If anyone here plays, add me to your friends list? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992838696
  4. 'my appearance signals the climax of this battle' man, i remember that rather clearly X'D. I've just stopped watching One Piece on CN in general. it breaks my heart :S. Atleast K-F is still alive and kicking! We are about 5 episodes into Skypiea!
  5. I took a few seconds and made the psd file for this easy for whome ever to follow. I was experimenting with a Legend Of Zelda theme last week, but decided against it. link to psd: http://gfk.rdizzle.com/zelda.psd I didnt have the psd file for the next one on hand, so just pm me and i will customize it for you:
  6. quoted for truth yea, im still wondering about how 4kids will handle this progressively violent anime. Thank goodness for Kaizoku being around to give us un edited goodness
  7. I am currently in awe in the depth of the story for Bleach. I think its one of the best/most interesting stories in a while, along with kick ass animation. And the manga puts the anime to shame Also, i think Akira was one of the greatest anime movies ever. Aside from Evangelion and Serials Experiments Lain, i've never received such a mind fuck ;; I ended up watching Akira 4 times in the span of 2 days to figure out what was going on As for my favourite anime, all time, I would say the Initial D series or Helsing. I've always had a thing for street racing and murderous vampires
  8. there are 3 of us who cant see it. there must be a glitch in the matrix
  9. The Going Merry has Orange Trees from Nami's 'mom''s orchird. This was to prevent scurvy and such
  10. i can only wonder how 4kids will handle the major fights in Arabasta. the violence in those is nuts
  11. I can tell you where to get the fansubs if you want
  12. Now that i've heard about the suction cups, i really wonder how they will handel the bloodier fights furthur in the series ... actually, im curious...how did they edit Mihawk slicing Zoro?
  13. Luffy gets really bloodied in that fight. those spikes are massive, and i think a couple of them actually made exit wounds. did 4kids use suction cups as the weapon? i dont watch it on CN, so i dont knwo :S
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