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  1. Woah I didnt know about this. Thanks for the info. ________ 340
  2. The movie was kinda weak in my opinion. Not only was it like a episode there wasn't anything memorable about it. ________ Jugallette
  3. Very tragic. No more cameo appearances from Hammond. ________ MAURO FORGHIERI
  4. The current episodes do kind of suck but I think they can still fix things. They just need to get the original team back. ________ Vapir no2
  6. randomuser83

    Xbox advice

    While Xbox does get FFXIII it will not have it initially. The launch will be staggered so you will have to wait if you go that route. ________ Herbalaire vaporizer
  7. I would be pissed too if Sasuke is able to take him down at all. I mean hes second to the strongest and to get beaten would mean naruto has no chance. So lets hope they keep the powers consistent. ________ Ios Games
  8. Its a pretty amusing musical. Thanks for sharing. ________ Vaporizer Affiliate Program
  9. Well its always been a hot topic and I guess now there taking a stance. Very odd though. ________ Porn Movies
  10. randomuser83

    Xbox advice

    I believe Sony will continue to improve so the future isnt bleak just a little weathered. In my opinion competition breads better games so maybe this will wake Sony up. ________ VAPORIZER REVIEWS
  11. I think its a interesting deal. If it proves to be reliable and streamlined then ill probably use it. But I have a feeling its not going to be that easy. In addition being able to watch movies with friends is kinda retarded to me. ________ Rhode island marijuana dispensary
  12. I happen to disagree with you Kite. I have both systems and have played the game on both consoles. The disconnections on both are about the same but I found xbox to be more frequent. ________ 1958 dodge
  13. Well im still gonna buy it for the ps3 but good for xbox 360. ________ RHODE ISLAND MEDICAL MARIJUANA
  14. Oh I see. So you guys are pretty lucky to have seen it and understand it. I wonder how long ill have to wait until its subbed. ________ Mercedes-Benz W126 Specifications
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