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  1. I hated episode 109.. too many flashbacks to good battles... Anyways when does 110 air?
  2. I'm Currently working on a new story ( had one but los thte document) Here's the prolouge and a section fo the first chapter (actualy that's all I have so far... I have bad writers block right now) I need some Ideas.. I have a format... But no idea how to introduce the things... (I will type up the format soon..) 10 Dragons By: Aaron Beavers No matter how dark the night, a ray of light may always be found- No Author 10 Drgaons By: Aaron Beavers Prolouge Moonlight streamed over the castle walls, causing strange shadows to form on the ground outside. In the forest a short distance away, shapes moved through the underbrush, the glint of metal sometimes visible to the wary eye. The tower guards stood motionless, some had seen the glint, but others had not. One foolishly whispered. “What are you all staring at?” An arrow shot out form the darkness, embedding itself in his throat, killing him quickly. The guards then began moving as arrows rained down on their heads. As they ran more and more arrows began to fall, silently bouncing off the stones. A guard jumped into a barrel and pulled the lid down; an arrow came down from high in the air, and seemingly cut through the lid, embedding itself in the top of his head. As the arrows rained down on the walls shapes moved through the fields outside the walls, moving quickly and effortlessly. They neared the walls quickly; they did not seem to be human at all. As some of the remaining guards watched one of the running forms seemingly changed shape into a barrel-like form. Three others ran up, picked the new form up and threw it at the gates. A loud boom followed the impact, followed by a large flash of light. The gates lay on the ground, burning and twisted into unrecognizable shapes. Two small figures stepped out from the smoke. One held a large staff with two shining circles on both ends. The second, who was slightly smaller, held a large, very bulky crossbow. The forms stopped dead in their tracks. The guards cheered and their two most elite fighters finally went to battle. One of the forms stepped forward and a hissing voice came forth. “So… the Fighters of the Realms have come forth at last…” The sound of a sword being drawn was heard. “Get them!” The shapes ran forward, as well as those in the forest, all seemed to be focused on the two figures. The one holding the staff stepped forward and raised the staff in the air. The top ring began glowing with an eerie red light. The figure slammed the glowing end on the ground; the glow vanished when it struck. Strange red circles appeared all around the city. Just as the first shapes reached the circles, towers of lava erupted from the ground, incinerating the shapes. The rest slid back into the darkness, a hissing sound could be heard and fog rolled through the valley. Chapter 1 Destruction comes Forth A light fog hung over the country side, hiding the distant forest from the gate watchers. No sound penetrated the morning air, not even a bird stirred. A faint clacking sound finally broke the silent morning. The gate watchers stared out into the distance, for two shapes had formed out of the mist and were approaching slowly. As the shapes grew closer they became more distinct, two riders dressed in black and hooded were seemingly asleep in the saddle. As they drew near the guards stood and picked up their swords and approached the riders. “Halt! Who are ye, and why are ye here?” The largest guard demanded. The first rider looked up, his eyes glinting under his hood. “We are travelers from the north, and we wish to rest at the nearest inn.” He stated simply. The guard inspected him then the other. The guard pointed. “That one too?” The rider nodded, but the second did nothing. “He dead or something?” another guard asked. The first rider looked over his shoulder at his partner. He then shook his head. “It appears he has fallen asleep in the saddle. Terribly sorry, he’s usually fairly talkative.” The guards laughed at this comment, causing the second rider to jerk forward out of his sleep. “And I was having such a wonderful dream... So many women... Damn it, who woke me up?” He looked around, finally realizing they were at their destination. “Ah... Finally... Sorry ‘bout that.” He nodded to the guards, who nodded in return. One of the guards dashed into the guard house and began rotating the large wheel against the far wall. The gates began to grind open slowly, their hinges groaning against years of wear. The two riders passed through as soon as there was enough room for them both. They continued on as the gates slowly ground shut behind them. They went along the cobblestone street and stopped when they saw a large building with a golden dragon sign out front that read “Dragon’s Roost Inn”. Both nodded to each other and dismounted. They led their horses into the stables and tied them in two, luckily empty stalls. They then left the stables and went into the main building. They were greeted by the smell of beer, smoke and a curly-haired red-headed woman that was fairly young to be working in an inn. “Welcome, may I help you?” She asked. The first rider stood forward. “Yes, we need a room and food for two horses, please.” She nodded and then dashed off. The two went over to an empty table and sat, looking at each person in the room as they did. The only other people were the bartender, who was cleaning glasses, and five burly looking men in the corner, smoking and drinking slowly. “Well… We made it, brother…” The first rider said. “Yeah... we did Kirk.” He said, glancing at the five men inn the corner, who glanced at him in return. “Don’t start something Kirn… we don’t want to give ourselves away…Yet…” Kirk said, smiling, as did Kirn. Kirk stood to go speak with the bartender, as he did he knocked the beer glass of one of the five men out of his hands, sending it crashing to the floor. Kirk looked at the glass then at the man. “Sorry about that… let me buy you another.” The man was clearly drunk out of his mind. “That was me favorite drinkin mug you filthy rodent!!” Kirk’s eye twitched. Kirn’s eyes widened as he ducked under the table. Kirk held out his right hand and a red light appeared. The light grew and morphed, forming a long, pure black staff with two circular blades on either end. “Never call me… a rodent.” He stepped forward and slammed his open hand into the man’s chest. The man’s eyes widened in surprise and he flew backwards, into the wall. The other four men stood and drew their swords. Kirk stepped towards them as flames wrapped around his hands and the staff. He extended his left hand and a fireball shot out, striking one of the men in the face. The flames vanished, only to be replaced with lightning. The lightning wrapped around Kirk’s entire body, sending and eerie white light throughout the inn, causing other residents to look out into the room to see what was going on. Kirk spun to the right as one of the men lunged, his sword aiming for Kirk’s chest. As the man passed by Kirk extended his hand, punching the man in the chest then sent a bolt of lightning coursing through the man’s body. The man flew to the left, slamming into the bar, knocking beer mugs and chairs to the ground. Kirk turned just as another of the men swung his sword. Kirk raised his hand and caught the blade. He squeezed the blade, shattering it into small pieces. The man stared dumbfounded and Kirk kicked him into the nearby wall. The last man looked around, a bewildered look upon his face. He then turned and ran for the door. Kirk smiled, letting him go free. “I thought you said don’t give us away!” Kirn seethed as he got up from under the table he had been hiding under. “You know my temper goes when they talk like that.” Kirk said. He looked around as people slowly began to enter the room. “Let’s get the hell out of here... We don’t want to start something else.” Kirn whispered, and Kirk nodded quickly. They turned and walked towards the door, and out into the street where people were staring at them as well. “Nice job… we’ll probably get kicked out of her now...” Kirn muttered. Kirk glared at him quickly but stopped as he heard the gallop of horses in the distance. “The King’s guard! Their here!” A man in the distance yelled. People finally began moving, hurriedly diving into their homes and slamming their shutters shut. Kirk and Kirn just stood there, waiting. As the horses approached they could clearly see the huge men riding each of them. Each man wore a full set of armor, with large swords and axes strapped to their backs. Kirk gripped his staff tightly, while Kirn put both hands on his swords. The horses rode up and came to a halt a few feet away. The largest man, who had a re-curved bow and a very large claymore strapped to his back, with two cruel looking red axes tied to his waist. “Who used that magica?” The man asked gruffly. Kirn gripped his sword as Kirk slipped a blue gem form his pocket. “I did... now what’s it to you?” The knight dismounted and walked towards him. “Watch your tone… We don’t like ones who show disrespect to us…” Kirk smiled. “Then I suggest you backup before something happens.” The knight laughed. “‘Something happens?’ I laugh… you think you can take a Knight of the Royal house?” “I believe I can take each of you at once.” Kirk smiled. The knight growled, drew his sword and sliced at Kirk’s head. Kirk’s eyes went wide and energy pulsed into the crystal in his hand, creating a pure blue staff with a floating red crystal on the bottom and a curved blade on the top end. The knight’s eyes widened as Kirk knocked the sword form his hands. “W-What are you?!” The knight yelled. As water swirled around Kirk’s staff and body he began to laugh. “I am one of the brothers… your worst nightmare.” Kirk’s eyes became white as he stepped towards the knight, who ran to his horse and tried to mount. Kirn leapt onto the horses back and held his sword to the knight’s face. “Nice try... but no luck for you.” Kirn said with a smirk on his face. The other knights turned their horses and rode towards the castle. The knight let go of his horse and looked up at Kirn then turned and looked at Kirk. “So… you are the foretold… the slayers…” both of their eyes widened. Kirn jumped from the horse, landed in front of the man, then grabbed him by the throat. “How the hell did you know that?!” The knight smiled. “The King has expected you for a long time…” Kirk walked forward and placed a hand onto Kirn’s shoulder. “Leave him… If the King knows of us he must have help… We have to trust them.” Kirn reluctantly let the knight go. The knight rubbed his neck then walked to his horse. He lifted himself up quickly and threw his leg over. He signaled them to follow. He rode off as the two followed quickly, sheathing their weapons. The water that had wrapped around Kirk before was now gone, and his eyes were slowly returning to normal. The knight led them down the main road, then down a side alley to a door. “This way…” The knight signaled for them to go through. They opened the door and went through. They were now in a long granite passageway with torches along every so often. The knight brushed past them and walked down the hall, his armor clanking. Kirk walked forward, followed by Kirn. They neared the end and the knight turned to them. “Behind here is the Great Hall… show respect to the king.” They both nodded and the knight threw open the door. They walked through into a brightly light hall with a large stained glass circular window at the left end. Under that window was a large, very elaborate throne with a large red gem embedded in the top.
  3. Now that I'm off Papa Roach I'm going through like every My CHemical Romance and Korn cd...
  4. If anyone can create a good Bleach sig using Hitsugaya Toushiro ( 10th squad captain) thta would be great.. Sorry, but I can't find any pics of him that don't have something that interferes..
  5. Last Episode of Gundam I saw was the firs tone of Gundam Seed: Destiny...
  6. DO you even know what we were talking about? THE MOVIE, not the flippin manga.
  7. It was either him or someone else.. I have no clue..
  8. Never read the manga.. SO no idea if it will.. but from what i've seen of the teasers: Ichigo finds another form of Zangetsu other than his Bankai form..
  9. Current read(s) Brothers in Arms, Eldest(5th time), and Dragonflight
  10. I'm looking forward to the new movie and the new episodes... I've watched all the episodes up to Episode 108, so the new episodes better be good.
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