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  1. if you know the rubber ducky song. Helen keller, you're quite the find thats because you're deaf and blind. Helen Keller, I'm awfully fond of you. doo doo dooby doo Helen keller, you're one of a kind. Not just because you're deaf and blind. Yes helen keller I love you its true. Every day when I, make my wat to the coal mine I find a Little feller, named helen keller, and is blind. Helen keller, How can it be? I love you, and, you cant see, Helen keller I'm awfully proud of, Helen keller you're one in a crowd, cause Helen keller you're immune to sooooound its true.
  2. Ask your coworkers if they've ever had sex with a sheep as long as they wanted to. when they say no, ask them what made them stop. Hey Jonhson, You ever had sex with a sheep for as long as ya wanted? No. I can't say that I have. Really? What made you stop?
  3. I don't know wether to cry like a little girl, or cry like the man that you just made out of me.
  4. the end to the first kirby was horrible. nobody wants to fight baddies all day and be rewarded with credits. at least some sort of . . . anything.
  5. Oh jesus I finally watched an episode and its so fucking hilarious.
  6. Hampstergeddon

    Fav couple?

    I want some haute fox-thing-dog-thing ACTION
  7. If by lame you mean, INCREDIBLE, then yes.
  8. W00t. I've been playing a 6 year old game for 10 years. I'm incredible.
  9. Turtles in time. I really didn't like the game at all.
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