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  1. I will not play Last of Us while drinking alcohol again.. I am not stealthy in this game when I have a buzz.. >_<

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    2. Sledgstone


      I am not good drinking and gaming.. I played some BF3 a bit drunk and had my k/d go horribly negative.. however, I did beat CoD: Black ops 2 with a buzz.. in fact I beat the last two strike force missions on my first try with no problems, wtf. I guess AI is easy with a buzz, but humans kicked my ass. XD

    3. DeathscytheX


      I remember the night i discovered it. I was pretty drunk, and I popped MW2 in and played sub base with the P90 and went 35-2, with as bad as COD games have been not counting BO2, I've had to be drunk to tolerate them XD!!!

    4. Sledgstone
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