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  1. Turns out I had some sitemap issues, SEO issues and some issues with the https changeover that google absolutely did not like. It looks like google wasn't crawling the site or at least not crawling and indexing the site like it should have been for who knows how long. I think thats all fixed now and I think google is indexing correctly again. Will this increase our users online? I have no idea, lol. But at least the site should be a bit more visible with google now.. at least until google gives me another email about errors again. -_-;

    As of now from over the last 5 months our best search term that gives us results is:

    "one punch man english dub"

    The lowest search terms that somehow loads one of our pages:

    "utz cheddar cheese balls"


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    2. Sledgstone


      I checked yahoo.com for the hell of it.. I searched Ancient Clan and it brings up all the pages no problem. I don't get why google has to be such an ass about indexing. -_-;

    3. Sledgstone


      Google is actually sending us some traffic again. As of this morning we've had 20 clicks since last monday night from the search term "zoro kill count". Somehow an old topic from 2006 is the number 1 result for that search as of right now. Lol.


      At least I know it's working again and google is indexing the correct https links.

    4. Sledgstone


      When searching for Ancient Clan, we now show up on page 11 of google results. -_-; I need to update the site description and meta tags. These results are garbage. x_x

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