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  1. Got my pool setup last night. All thats left to do is hook up the filter and order a water delivery. :D This same time last year we were digging out that pool spot for all of June. I'll always remember that back breaking digging. This year we put a light layer of sand down since the level is good and we wont have to worry about the pool shifting at all. I'd like to get a permanent pool at some point. It looks like buying a new ground tarp and water delivery every year will be roughly $200 a year for expenses. And these intex pools are only meant to last roughly 2-4 years, but the pool was roughly $280 on sale I think. Even then its still cheaper than a $2-$5k pool. I might stick with using these cheap pools for years.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I'm assuming you need water delivery because the well would be overburdened to supply the pool? Living on city water my entire life, all I've ever seen people do throw the hose connected to the house over the side and and let it rip. Took a long time granted, and no telling what their water bill was for that month, but it was convenient. XD I guess the ground tarp can't handle a single NY winter? I know people here can use their tarps until the sun bleaches it from dark blue to baby blue so long as a major tropical system doesn't rip it. People anchor those down pretty good.

      You also have to consider the cleaning of a legit ground pool. Gotta climb down in there and scrub it out, who knows what can crawl up under that tarp all those months. I guess it depends one which cons and pros you prefer. Either way its more work that ever want to deal with. One thing I have is an extremely solid long term memory. I can remember things all the way back to when I was 3 years old. I remember when I was 5 til I was about 7, I went to a day care that had a pool. I swam in it a few times, but one year I guess they decided it was too much of a hassle and they just filled it in with concrete. That seemed to be the popular thing to do back in the 80s and 90s. I dunno how it is now when you don't want a pool anymore. I guess buying a ton of concrete is cheaper than demolishing the pool, having the debris removed, and the ton of dirt to fill it in.  

    2. Sledgstone


      Yeah it'll be too much of a burden on the well that and I have hard water. It seemed more cost efficient to order water that is already chlorinated and balanced than slow fill with well water and buy alot of chemicals. Last year the pool test strips I used once a week were all good. The only thing I had to do was keep using chlorine pucks. My friend that lives near me has well water he filled his kids 2x10 foot pool. 2 tests this week and his alkalinity and ph is all super high. He'll have to call a local pool store for the chemicals since we can't find an alkalinity reducer. Looks like he'll have to add a small amount of a specific acid to the water and then a ph up afterwards.

      We took the pool down before winter and stored it in the garage.. the ground tarp didn't even make it to winter. I think the weight of the water stressed the tarp because the legs of the pool settled an inch deep with every leg. Once the pool was down that tarp was brittle and wrecked. Lol.

      I'm getting my water delivery on monday. :D

      This is what the pool looks like so far. It looks filthy because I read it was best to baby powder it when folding it up for storage so it doesn't stick to itself when putting it back up because it's vinyl. Seemed to work because it unfolded just fine.



    3. Sledgstone


      And harbor freight ftw. 19x19 foot tarp for $19 with tax after coupon. 

      I kept the old tarp. I threw it in the garage thinking I'd reuse it, but man it was beyond destroyed. XD I need to throw it in the garbage. What's really stupid is amazon sells "pool ground covers" for $89. All it is is a plain blue tarp. Lol. Screw amazon BS listings.

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