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  1. I ordered new RAM for my PC. 16 GB = two 8 GB chips. Its not a major name brand, but I bought it off amazon. Timetec brand RAM. Seems to have good reviews and it was $57. My PC uses DDR3 RAM and some of that seems pretty costly to me. Amazon seems to have everything counterfeit lately, so when I ordered, I chose, ship from Timetec directly instead of "fulfilled by amazon" I figure I'll get an unopened, unreturned, non counterfeit product that way. Good news is my PC has not crashed a single time for a solid 2 weeks so it was definitely my RAM. I re-installed a bunch of games and I'm enjoying my PC again.

    That was like 6 months of bullshit with driver updates, windows update issues, crashes, hard ware tests, etc. I will never trust a memory test again. All results of the tests were completely fine. Those 2 sticks were definitely bad since I pulled them and never had a crash since. Running on only 6 GB right now compared to the 12 I was using, does seem to affect loading times. My PC is a little slower for booting and games take just a bit longer to boot up, but I haven't tried any games lately that require a decent amount of RAM, only Starcraft Remastered and GW2.

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      Got my new RAM last night. Going from 6 to 16 GB, the only difference I've noticed is games load a bit faster, streaming games to my laptop or nvidia shield is much smoother, no lag or graphical issues anymore. I used to get occasional pixelation that didn't last long, I used to associate that issue with my wifi, turns out that was a RAM thing to. That also used to happen when I had 12 GB ram. The only other difference I noticed is I don't get a huge lag spike spinning my camera around in GW2 anymore even in a populated area. Interesting.. it doesn't improve my FPS, but it does prevent the FPS dropping to 12 while initially spinning my camera around lions arch or divinitys reach. 

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