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  1. I'm still getting PC crashes. I think its still my RAM, so I pulled another chip out and I'm testing it today. I've been having about 1-2 crashes a day lately and some days none, but the last 2 days its crashed 6-7 times each day. wtf. I'm down to 6gb of ram now assuming the 4 gb chip I pulled out was the bad one. I'd like to buy a new computer at this point, but if it is just the RAM causing these issues I'd be fine with dropping $50 or so on new memory. I just want my PC to be stable. x_x

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      Holy crap, I did have 2 bad sticks of RAM. After I pulled that one out last thursday my PC hasn't crashed once. And I found out my games crashing was because of a virtual memory setting I manually changed to give the system stability months ago was no longer valid, or auto changed to a lower amount. I switched that back to windows auto managed and even my games aren't crashing anymore. :D *knocks on wood* I'll still replace this remaining memory soon just to be on the safe side in case all the RAM is going bad.

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