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  1. Ok.. I just realized that if you type a colon and start typing the letters of a smilie, the post will auto pop up a list of smilies you are typing.. ":astonished:"  😲

    It doesn't work for smilies that start with a letter like "XD"

    ":nosebleed:" :nosebleed:

    1. Sledgstone


      I don't know how long this has been a feature but I've never seen it happen before today. XD

    2. DeathscytheX


      It's been a feature for a while 🤣

      On a side note, XD was ripped from Trillian back when we all used instant messaging. Now trillian is a business messaging tool you have to pay for with different tiers of features. I was looking at it not too long ago just out of nostalgic interest.

    3. Sledgstone


      Omg. I completely forgot about trillian. XD Its been so long i thought that smilie was from AOL IM. XD

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