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  1. I've never had a reaction to poison ivy before until this week. My right arm is wrecked. Its been 4 days now and I haven't felt an itch like this since i had chicken pox as a kid. Calamine lotion does help tho.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I don't know if some people can be immune to it or they can build up a resistance to it. All I know is I never had an issue before. Maybe my entire life I've just been lucky that the rash causing oils that touched me were low potency or something. But I'm taking this way more serious now. I had gloves on and a loose fitting long sleeve shirt on when I was doing yard work that day. I'm guessing the loose shirt sleeve rubbed up against the glove that touched the plant and when I pulled my sleeves up at some point to wash my hands it helped spreed the oil on my forearm. I'm glad I had gloves on or it'd have screwed me for work. Its been 6 days now and my right arm is still swelled up and looking nasty. I only have one bump on my left arm but its still swelled like I got stung by a giant wasp. And those spots are starting to get scaly looking. Its like I got that greyscale disease from game of thrones. XD I see why adults warn their kids about never touching poison ivy/oak/sumac. Now that I've experienced this I'll warn everyone the rest of my life too. x_x

      There are so many myths about poison ivy that I looked into over the last week. As long as the affected area has been washed it to remove the plant oils the rash cannot spread from person to person, any puss blisters does not spread the rash. Any clothes that did touch the oils can still spread a new rash on whoever touches it until those clothes are washed. And sometimes the rash looks like its spreading, but its just a delayed reaction of the skin where the plant oil already touched but had a delayed rash response.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I did most my growing up in Virginia, and I remember how I was told hundreds of times about poison ivy, It was made out to be as dangerous as a snake basically even though I knew I couldn't die.. I guess it was more like getting skunked. There was some nursery rhyme about its 3 leaf appearance... something like 123 don't touch me!. XD They also made it out like as soon as you touched it, you instantly broke out in disgusting hives like something out of a horror movie. XD XD XD I mean it was overly dramatic but hey, it worked.

    4. Sledgstone


      Lmao. XD now there is giant hog weed that is even worse, will burn your skin on contact with sunlight and can cause blindness. I wonder what nursery rhyme it will get. XD


      Here's my poison ivy rash if you dare to look. Lol.




      And now to top it all off I got bit by a tick in my sleep. Went to the dr today because it already looks infected and I'm on antibiotics for 21 days. Wtf. I f*cking hate ticks. 

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