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  1. Black friday sales started early so I bought a 4k HDR 50 inch samsung tv. I'm pleased with it. The blacks this tv gets still blows my mind. I doubt I'll buy a PS4pro, but in the mean time my regular PS4 has HDR.. but I only have one game that actually takes advantage of it and thats Uncharted 4. I don't think I'll be replaying it any time soon just to see the graphical difference, but regardless this tv upscales like a champ. Everything looks significantly better. Thats a hell of a lot better upscaling than blu ray players do for dvds. Its a night and day difference.

    I put on Rise of the Tomb Raider last night and Battlefield 1 and the quality is top notch. Game mode works with HDR for this tv, so I can put on game mode for reduced input lag which is nice without affecting quality. It also has bitstream audio pass through which works great with my old receiver for surround sound.

    The tv has Motion rate 120 instead of true 120 hz refresh rate which I didn't know was a different thing when I was buying the tv. But thats ok, I doubt the PS5 when it eventually comes out will even come close to 60 fps at 4k and my current pc graphics card will no way in hell do any better than 60 fps at 4k so I'm pretty much set for future proofing at the moment.. at least for the next 4-5 years probably. And motion rate 120 is a bit nuts. I had to turn the judder down on that. It makes everything so fluid its like everything was filmed like a soap opera. XD I never realized more fps on a movie would look so different. XD But the biggest downside is for animated titles. It cause a bit too much of a blur effect as the tv basically fills in the games to increase the fps.. its not good for animated shows.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I do think both the PS5 and Xbox will both hit 60fps at 4k. Thats the knock on the pro and S versions of the consoles now. While they are more powerful, they don't do this. The next generation on consoles will probably not have much of a polygon count increase like previous generations one uping the next. I think it will be more about dynamic lighting and shadows and how much can happen on the screen at once. We've reached a certain apex in graphics that will be pretty difficult to pass significantly. 

      We've gotten to a point though where graphics aren't everything anymore. God of War was spectacularly beautiful and is my favorite game of the PS4 era, but I had almost just as much fun playing Ys VIII which had PS3 graphics with current gen aspect ratio. I think there will still be a lot of games that don't hit the benchmark, but there will be Triple A games that do because they are expected too. With the whole shaky ground big studios are on right now though with microtransactions and pissing off their bases with flat out arrogance, I can see smaller studios getting even more love in the future. I want more Ys and Nier Automata and less annual titles. As long as its in HD and looks nice on my big ass TV screen, thats all I need.

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