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  1. I started playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and its great. The best part about this game is the hidden "Nightmare" stages in each chapter. I stumbled across the first one in chapter 1 and fell in love with it. I found a random bunk that had a sleep icon on it, I clicked on it and Blazkowicz went to sleep / transitioned into a HD remaster of the 8-bit nightmare that is the original Wolfenstein 3D game. XD Each stage has been extremely fun and gives me flashbacks to my childhood. :D

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    2. Sledgstone


      My PS4 has never downloaded a single update while in rest mode. Its been years now and I'm mostly used to it, but its annoying as hell when I actually want to play a game and I have to wait for a damn update with their dial up speed download rates. -_-; My PS3 perfectly turns itself on around 6am (I don't know if it does it every day or not), downloads any updates and shuts itself back off. But my PS4 can't do this in rest mode. wtf. The only time I have to do an update on my ps3 is on the rare time a download fails or an update happens after it does it's daily or twice a week check. I had to download a netflix update a couple days ago, first time I've had to run a manual update on the system in over a year.

    3. DeathscytheX


      For me it's not the download speed. It was the preparing to download part. I'd have to wait 30 min to an hour for 20 seconds of download. Someone said it has to do with the PS4 checking for the updates you already have and trying to decide the least amount it needs to download. Thry really just need to scrap it and just replace the files. The thought is nice to save people bandwidth, but it's not practical if your system never updates in rest. 

    4. Sledgstone


      Omg yes. I hate that preparing to download crap. I included that into the 3 hour download the other day. It was about 20 minutes of uncharted 4 "preparing to download". That crap makes no sense to me. I can turn on steam and updates will just auto download instantly. No other platform or system will "prepare to download" anything.

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