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  1. I finished watching 13 Reasons Why on netflix and it was depressing. Great acting, good plot. I recommend watching it. It really gives good insight on depression and suicide while showing signs to look for in friends. The premise of the show is that a girl kills herself but she left 13 tapes she recorded, one for each person that wronged her, the tapes are passed to each person until they make it to all of them. In the show, we follow one of the characters as he listens to all the tapes, while having flashbacks of the events that lead up to her death. Its very depressing to see how 1 conversation from just a handful of people at the right moment could have changed her mind. I have a feeling this will become one of those series that becomes popular for a generation, like how Breakfast Club was, because it tackles emotional issues.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Pretty grim comparison X_X. I don't know if I'll watch this or not. I see everyone talking about it, but I've heard and read enough of these stories, I don't feel the need to watch ti portrayed on film. I remember all those PSA shorts back in the 80s, perticularly one about playing with firearms, where a kid shoots his brother in the head after finding their dad's gun and playing with it like a toy.

      Depression is an interesting complication, because its a fairly new diagnosed disease. I'm sure its always existed, but not at the levels it does in today's society. Part of it is the meds big pharam likes to pump into us, another part is the bullshit they pump into our food, and another part of it is just how our society acts now. We're so digitized, no one really knows how to communicate in person anymore. I was out for my Sister's b-day last weekend and observed a prom couple that stayed on their phones when they weren't shoving food in their mouth. They didn't seem to ever hold a conversation. People need human interaction, but its easier when you're behind a keyboard. Toys, and imagination have been replaced by a tablet... thats gotta nerf the brain's cognitive development somehow.

    2. Sledgstone


      I still recommend watching the series because of how they portrayed the the people that wronged her. The majority of those 13 people had no idea their actions directly contributed to her decision to commit suicide until they heard the tapes and understood. And that portrayal of how these individuals came to understand what they did is a great part of the show. Something else occurs thats not stated outright, but it reinforces something I read and heard psychiatrist's talk about in shows.. many people who commit suicide don't discuss the fact that they are going to do it. The ones that do usually want to be talked down from that ledge.

      Too many people think they have depression when they're really just extremely sad for a period of time. Doctors might misdiagnose it as depression to (I honestly don't think the diagnosis should be called depression since its a common term for being sad). But full on depression is something that, once set in place, will last for years or end in suicide. In some people its purely an emotional issue but in others its a physical issue. Some doctors don't want to do a proper diagnosis and they just throw anti-depression meds at their patients and assume they'll get over it. In the case of 13 reasons why, its a full emotional breakdown that causes her depression. In some parts of the show I felt that it was a little cliche, like how much drama can one teenager keep getting involved in? But it was a perfect storm scenario. All the things that could happen to keep pushing her off that ledge continued happening like a domino effect.

      I agree about the human interaction. Some people can compensate for their illnesses or disabilities by having access to a digital means of communicating with other humans, but the majority of people that have nothing holding them back really need to put the damn phone or tablet down and talk with people. I've seen way too many kids with their faces stuck to a phone playing short attention span games with limited play times. I swear that smart phone games are teaching an entire generation to be ADHD.

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