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  1. My OCD has gotten the better of me again. I've been marathoning Guild Wars 2 so I can finish making the legendary raven staff Nevermore. The process of making this has so many parts and is so time consuming. I'm definitely finishing this now. Its definitely the most difficult and time consuming thing I've done in this game but its making me feel a real connection to the weapon. When I see other ppl that have it I'll know they went on that same journey. Its a pretty cool feeling. Its a bit of a shame the newer legendary weapons won't be made in the same way, but if they were I know I wouldn't put this much time into another one. The tier 4 collection is crazy.. I got a Raven egg, imbued it with power from numerous places, made an incubation chamber, hatched it and now I'm feeding it and teaching it to fly by doing specific events with alot of gliding. This is a cool experience. :D Once I'm done raising it, it'll actually become part of my living weapon. :D

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Nier and ME have been relaxing after I grinded out machined weapons. I'm taking a break until LWS3. I'll get in some SAB here and there, but that took a toll on me.

    3. Sledgstone


      I finished up my Gift of the Raven. I still have to turn it into the Gift of Nevermore which isn't difficult at all at this point. I wanted that part done before SAB started. I hope they patched the exploit of selling tribulation runs. They allowed the selling of trib runs last year but said they would patch it. Since they allowed it I went ahead and bought all the runs of world 2 that I needed to get all the green weapon skins and the red SAB infusion. If its not patched I might feel torn about buying all the runs I'd need for the yellow skins just to get the blue SAB infusion.. I'd feel torn about it because I'm a bit burned out on infusions now, but the blue one would actually look decent with my fractal back piece. XD But I also have just enough gold left to finish Nevermore.. lol. I hope it's patched. XD

      Make sure to do your daily 3 SAB events like last year for the multiple daily meta achieve. I got a late start on it last year and only got 1 of the kaiser weapon skins. If we do the SAB daily every day this festival we should be able to get at least 2 kaiser / crimson skins. I'm really interested in seeing what the big SAB reward track chest will have for pvp or wvw. If the finisher is in there as a reward I'll start doing my pvp again.

    4. Sledgstone


      I'm glad I finished Nevermore and got my Daredevil equipped with it. So many Spirit Raven effects on critical hits. I love it. XD

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