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  1. I watched the first season (at least first available on netflix) of The Great British Baking Show. This was amazingly relaxing. lol. Everyone is so nice, the music is soothing. No stress, yet informative baking info. I got to the end of the first season, saw who won and everyone is happy in the end. wtf. XD This is so different from all other competition shows. In the finale all the previous contestants were having a field day / picnic with friends and family while the last 3 people competed. After the winner was announced the other finalist responded with things like "The right person won this today." wtf. XD Nobody is mad. XD What really shocked me was the prize. The winner got a couple bouquets of flowers and a glass serving dish / trophy for a cake... and thats it. lmao. I had to google it.. there is no prize money, no cook book deal, no vacation or baking job... just the satisfaction of winning. Wow. XD The next season started and it begins with "We had over 10,000 participants attempting to get into this season.." So many people spending so much time for no rewards besides personal growth and experience. I like this show.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Fake drama and pointless scripted banter has ruined alot of American realty TV for me. I haven't watched Pawn Stars in years because of it. I just want interesting and knowledgeable information about the subject the show it about. Thats why I liked Mythbusters so much. There was no talk about Grant's love life or any discussion about Jamie and Adam never getting along outside of the show. It was an enjoyable show packed full of explanations, enjoyment and explosions with no drama. I do like watching Masterchef and it sometimes forces some drama on the contestants via reward advantages, but its a much better show than Hell's Kitchen where everyone just yells at each other smoking 12 packs of cigarettes in between every kitchen shift. That gets old pretty quick. This baking show has really opened my eyes again to what a good reality show can be. Calm, informative and without banter and arguments you end up routing for specific people, but then don't feel crushed if they loose. Its really quite refreshing. If I want to watch arguments and pointless drama I'd turn on that real housewives show or one of those other crap reality shows that are no where close to being "reality" and are more like badly acted ad lib soap operas.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      This is generally why I like British TV more than American TV, no pointless drama and the shows are actually well thought out and funny (I adore the original version of the Office more than the American version, so much better and funnier). If you compare the original version of Being Human to the American version that was on SyFy you would see a remarkable difference (the British version was more focused on the characters and their problems, you actually felt connected to the characters unlike the American version).

      I might have to give the show a shot. Sounds like its a lot more relaxing to watch then the crap we get over here for reality TV.

    4. Sledgstone


      I finished the last season of The Great British Baking Show on netflix, unfortunately they only had 3 seasons. I enjoyed the experience. :D

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