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  1. I finished the Magi anime series last night. Its a really fun series, alot of action and decent plot. Alibaba is a bit to much on the high moral ground for me to really like him as a character, but all the rest of the characters like Aladdin (not even close to being like Aladdin from Disney, lol.) and Sinbad really make the series enjoyable. I watched the Sinbad series first because I didn't know any better but that didn't really take anything away from watching the full series afterwards. Theres 3 Magi series on Netflix and it doesn't make sense to me that they're 3 separate series when one is actually the second season and the Sinbad series is an OVA.

    For anyone interested the order is: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic and then Magi: Adventure of Sinbad. The Sinbad series starts off really strong with action and adventure and then basically turns into a story about how he became a big time merchant. ehhh.. The other two series felt more like a regular action/adventure anime with increasingly bigger fights and power ups while still having a good plot.

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      Inner thigh cleavage. XDXDXD

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      Male inner thigh cleavage needs to end. x_x


      wtf.. cover that up!

      I asked Lady.. "How about I get some pants like that? Would it look good on me?"

      Lady: "All that thigh hair.." :barf:


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