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  1. I finally got the rarest tonic in Guild Wars 2. The Endless Fractal Tonic. :D That damn thing has such horrible RNG that I feel like I should go buy a lotto ticket right now. XD Its rarity is easily the same as having a precursor drop and after a year of trying to get it I gave up for 6 months. Then over the past month I started playing fractals again, finished my legendary back piece and then got this tonic.. I felt like I had a heart attack when I saw it in my inventory. XD I'll make a video of it later this week. :D

    1. DeathscytheX


      You videos when from barely audible to loud as fuck. XD 50% PC volume and it almost blew my ear drums out. XDXDXD 

    2. Sledgstone


      XD I don't know what volume settings are supposed to be normal for recording a video so once I figured out how to set it for max I left it there. XD I can't watch my videos on my phone without turning the volume down. XD


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