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  1. After about a year of on and off fractals in Guild Wars 2 I finally crafted the legendary back pack Ad Infinitum. :D It looks amazing but the glider version is complete crap. I really wanted a legendary back piece because its a legendary that can be used on any class and any build. I loved my necro's green look but it's condi build doesn't use any legendary weapon I currently have. At least I can flaunt off a legendary at all times now regardless of what weapon I want to use. Its a shame it doesn't make footprints like a regular legendary does. It would make up for that with an awesome glider but damn this glider looks pathetic. -_-

    1. Sledgstone


      The downside is that back piece is a blue / purple color.. my necro fashion had to go from green to blue to compensate.. fashion wars ftw.. XD

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