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  1. I beat Killzone Shadow Fall the other day. WTF kind of ending is that. -_-; The mechanics of the game were decent. I liked having my own personal drone. It could attack, heal me, put up a shield, emp and zip line. Using that OWL was fun. But I never played the first 3 games and even tho you didn't need to play those to play this game since it takes place 30 years after the last game, I felt like I was out of place. The plot wasn't that good and some of the missions were down right aggravating with horrible checkpoint locations that caused me to waste 5-10 minutes repeating content because I died on too many occasions. I hated the scan for enemies function. It was so pointless half the time because the majority of enemies wouldn't even spawn until you went into a new location. I'd be sitting outside a door, scan for enemies, think I'm safe and just run right in. Then I'm ambushed by 4 enemies that just appeared. -_-; Because you die after taking about 4 bullets, I'd have to start at a checkpoint again and repeat crap. wtf. I got into the habit of running into a room and running right back out and rescanning for enemies. So annoying.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I never got into KZ because the first game had shit controls that you could only turn into more shit controls. Stick wasn't ADS. XD

    2. Sledgstone


      I was glad the controls were good in the game and I could set crouch to right stick, but man that crouch was too realistic. This guy would take a knee all slow like he was actually carrying the 100 pounds of gear I had and he didn't want to break a hip. XD

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