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  1. I finished watching Chuck earlier this week. Great series but a bit repetitive with 2 specific plot lines. I do recommend it. Its a great series about a guy working as a "Nerd Herd" employee (aka geek squad) at a Buy More store (best buy / walmart combo), he gets an email that basically puts a CIA app into his brain and he has the entire nation's secrets but he can only access them when he gets a visual stimulus. Like when he sees some terrorist guy at a party, he'll "flash" on the image of the guy's face and then the app does an info dump and now knows everything about him and his organization. So now he goes on missions with the CIA/NSA while maintaining his cover of working at Buy More.

    Its a fun show with some good campy action expected from a CBS series but Chuck wines way too much about his feelings. I haven't heard a guy talk this much about his feelings and emotions since Boy Meets World. The fifth season shouldn't have been made IMO. Crappy ending to a good show. The endless Subway in show advertising is intense too. wtf. There was a foot long sub promo in 1/4 of the episodes. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      Boy Meets World fa life. XD I loved that show.

    2. Sledgstone


      Then you'll like Chuck. XD

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