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  1. I beat The Walking Dead: Michonne tonight. Poor Michonne. The end really makes you feel for her. The action in the game was decent but was very short. It was only 3 episodes but compared to the original two TWD games Telltale has done, the Michonne game's length is equal to 1 and half of those episodes. I was also confused as to the time line of the game. I kept wondering why she had a machete and not her katana. I looked it up just now and the game takes place after some event in the comic where Michonne leaves the group for some reason. And this is the side story of that. But they don't hint at that at all. :confused: The entire time I thought the game was taking place before she even met Rick's group at all. Overall it was worth playing for the $5 is cost me. But aside from a few choices that could have changed things, this game could easily be watched on a lets play instead.

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