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  1. I finished watching Fringe this past weekend. What a unique show. The first 2 seasons is it's own version of X-Files (without alien stuff), the 3rd and 4th seasons then becomes an espionage thriller, and the final season time skips 20 years and becomes a resistance series where the team has to defeat a powerful enemy. lol. Combine all that with a couple soft resets because of changes in the timeline, an alternate universe with duplicates of people, crazy technology and a handful of individuals with mutant like powers and it definitely makes the show an odd yet interesting experience. I highly recommend it as its a great show to marathon.

    The final season probably shouldn't have been made tho but it does finish some of the plot lines not resolved in the season 4 finale. Netflix does screw up a bit. They put an unaired episode into season 1 at a completely wrong moment that broke up the season finale in such a way that I had to google search wtf was going on.

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