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  1. I ordered some stuff from amazon last week and signed up for the free month of amazon prime, mostly because "prime day" is tomorrow. I remember prime day last year.. I missed nothing. XD


    and granny panties:



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    2. Sledgstone


      Eh.. In the end I didn't buy anything on prime day. Nothing really jumped out at me as something I must buy that day. I bet the majority of the sales were people that buy discounted items and then relist them on ebay. This is becoming so common that its worse than the GW2 trading post. All the newest graphics cards are instantly bought and relisted on ebay for $100 more than what the person bought it for.

    3. DeathscytheX


      They just had a bunch of crap that I didn't need. Doom for $29 was tempting... but nothing else really went on sale. When I found stuff that interested me it was some lame $5-10 off deal, while other things were 30-50% off. They also made it really difficult to search prime deals only by category or via the search function.

    4. Sledgstone


      I hated trying to find anything for sale. It was almost impossible. It was like hanging out at Walmart all day but not being able to browse and instead have some guy announcing to everyone that bulk packages of pop tarts, an exercise bicycle and women's speed stick were all on sale for the next 20 minutes and we'd get an update again on more sales soon. Screw that selling strategy.

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