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  1. I got the Galaxy S7 today. Bestbuy has a good deal this weekend. $49 with 2 year contract with Verizon and free wireless charger. So far I'm impressed with the quality of the phone over my old S4. I haven't tried the wireless charger yet. I doubt I'll use it much and I have a feeling it won't work correctly with the otter box case I'm using.

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    2. Sledgstone


      25 hours after my first charge and I'm down to 13% battery. I've been using this phone all day to. My old phone would have needed to charge over 12 hours ago. Not bad. 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I keep my phone usage to a minimum if possible and only really use it to check email, Twitter, and Instagram when I'm not home near a charger (and my computer) hence why I tend to get good battery life out of my phones. If I actually did what I've been doing over the last three months of being unemployed I'd probably have to charge it three times a day (I've been playing a lot of mobile games and I mean a lot). Signal strength around here is hit or miss but we've got two 4G towers in the area and Verizon has pretty good coverage out here in Western ND (the only one, AT&T sucks out here and Sprint/T-Mobile don't even have coverage in my area) but my old Droid Bionic had a hard time getting a connection which really drained my battery while I was at work (for some reason Walmart out here was like a dead zone for that phone).

      I use Samsung's built in app/task killing service now. I used to use TasKiller on my old phones that did a good job but since the last major Android update (not the newest one where my phone switched to Marshmallow) it fucked that app up and it doesn't work anymore. Samsung's service does a damn good job of keeping my battery life up (plus I have my phone in power saving mode and have my screen brightness turned almost all the way down) and actually kills the right apps/tasks, where TasKiller liked to kill everything. I honestly don't know what Samsung phones have the service built in (I'm assuming everything from the Note 4 up but I'm not entirely sure) but I'm assuming yours might (unless it's a Note only feature but I highly doubt that).

    4. Sledgstone


      I dug into everything installed on my S7 and for some damn reason Verizon removed the "smart manager" samsung app from their build. Wtf Verizon. -_-; after looking in YouTube it's the exact app I would prefer to use for battery optimization and Verizon doesn't have it available. I do like the fact that bloatware is very minimal on this phone. My S4 had so much pre-installed crap that was only disableable and not Uninstallable that those apps would take up way to much space and would run in the background all the time. But this S7 only had 1 app I had to disable  (NFL), aside from that all the "galaxy essential" apps are located in a widget and it gives me the option to actually download and install them now instead of having it all preloaded. I looked thru those apps and there isn't a single thing I want except maybe the Samsung video player. It's nice to have a boy more control over my phone, but then I see the smart manager was removed. Ehhh. These companies are trying to encourage ppl to not root their phones and install a custom / unbranded android OS by not having shit tons of preloaded apps, but they need to keep all default apps available to. I hate knowing there are great features available for my model of phone.. but not mine specifically.

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