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  1. I'm 25% done with Uncharted 2 and I've easily died as many times on normal difficulty as I have while playing all of Uncharted 1. The difficulty of normal increased substantially in this game. wtf. O_O I blame the AK-47 for having crap range now compared to the first game. And you have to burst it or it goes completely wild. As soon as I got a FAL, long range shots got much easier. I beat almost all of Uncharted 1 with just the hand gun. Nailing headshots was so easy. Now I can't get headshots worth a damn. Along with all enemies hitting with almost 100% accuracy (wtf), running out from cover against 3 enemies will almost always get you killed. In Uncharted 1 I could just stand there, line up headshots and take an occasional bullet with no fear. Uncharted 2 changes all that. Every bullet fired will hit you almost 100% of the time and every time a bullet connects it throws your aim off with a bit of a stagger effect. The challenge is real and makes the game feel quite different when almost all enemies will flank your position and rush you, while in Uncharted 1 you only had to worry about shotgun guys doing that and dodge roll away from an occasional grenade. I'll get the hang of this tho. lol.

    1. Sledgstone


      I'm definitely getting the hang of the game now and I'm loving it. The same stagger I get when hit also happens to enemies but even more exaggerated. If theres multiple enemies, its much easier to shoot a bullet at just about everyone to stagger them slightly and then focus one down at a time and if they're bum rushing, just run around and hip fire but never start fist fighting. In Uncharted 1 I could start punching anyone no problem and anyone around me basically watched. But in Uncharted 2 you become a bullet magnet as all enemies will continue shooting the hell out of you while you're stuck in a fighting animation and can't dodge. I also wasn't paying enough attention to the explosive items in the environment. I love propane tanks in this game in the urban area. Throwing a propane tank at 4 enemies and shooting it mid air to kill them all in a fire ball gives me this great feeling of joy. XD

      Also, that initial hand gun is crap. The .45 Defender is horrible. About 30% thru the game enemies started dropping 92FS-9mm and everything changed for me. That hand gun and the FAL is my perfect combo right now.

      There was a part in this game where I had to take out a Russian Hind helicopter with grenade launchers, I got so many flashbacks to MGS1. This fight was epic. :D I'm not even half way thru this game and its already blown away Uncharted 1.

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