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  1. I started Starcraft 2 tonight. I'm only did the first 2 prologue missions and I quickly remembered just how bad I am playing as Protoss. X_x 

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    2. Sledgstone


      I loved a full carrier build with Protoss whenever I used them before. I've done some more missions and the Spear of Adun upgrades make Protoss OP. lol. I pumped all my solarite into the middle upgrades to increase build time and initial supply. And the remaining solarite goes to the vespine gas auto assumulator function. That is the most convenient upgrade ever. Gas in the second prologue mission was a pain and now I never even think about gas again. Along with upgrading all my gateways into warpgates, these Protoss have incredibly fast build rates with crazy power. O_O Warp gates make all the difference. It lowers the build time of all the powerful units to be the same as zealots. Thats nuts. I use the Spear of Adun's pylon deployment and then instant warp in half an army on demand. I've gotten used to making 3 warp gates now and I have a constant flood of new troops. I'll attack some enemy base, drop a pylon at the edge of it, warp in reinforcements and I win every fight with ease now on normal difficulty.

      I don't even use stalkers anymore. I go with the dragoons because their upgrade requires no involvement from me and the stalkers need me to blink them around to get their shield regen. I ain't got time to micro manage that. XD My build order so far as turned into making 2 warp gates as fast as possible and making a bunch of zealots and dragoons and then make a 3rd warp gate and dark templar statue thing and getting some dark templars. I just got the stargate and robotics buildings unlocked so once I get carriers available I'm sure I'll change up some of my strategy.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I'm thinking I'm going to have to ditch Stalkers myself after the mission to obtain the Keystone (yea, I'm just getting to Shakuras to get the Dark Templar (I'm doing a mission a day)). Stalkers are just so freaking weak and hybrids tear through them like they're nothing (then again Dragoons weren't all that powerful either in the original Starcraft). I'm loving Immortals though, anti-hybrid weapons if I've ever seen them. I'm also thinking of going over the the DT version of zealots. I love the new warglaive zealots alot, especially with their whirlwind ability but they just don't seem as fast as their original forms.

      The increased build time and increased starting capacity are a necessity and I went straight for them as well (I'm ok with the first two SoA abilities so I see no need to go further for now). Gateways are a god send, without them I'd of gotten my ass handed to me more then once in these beginning missions. The ability to warp in units where ever you have a Pylon is amazing, Blizzard really showed the Toss some love in this game. I'm really liking this games play style so much more then WoL and HoS (both great systems in their own right) but I'm just loving how the Protoss work (and the fact that we get a massive ship to help us out). I just wish they'd of released this earlier but that's just my Protoss Master Race side speaking (they've always been my favorite faction in SC).

    4. Sledgstone


      I'm also trying to do one mission a night until the weekend, but didn't have the time last night to get my mission in. The Sentinel zealot upgrade seems pretty damn nice. Auto rebuild looks quite effective, but I'm still using the auir zealots with their whirlwind ability. They seem to destroy crap so much faster that I don't have to worry about them dying as often. I'm sticking with them atm because it feels like a berserker strategy, kill the enemies before they kill you and its working out good for me so far.

      I upgraded my Immortals to Annihilators and never looked back. Screw having double shields when I can go full offensive. The Annihilator's cannon attack can hit air or ground units and is OP as all hell. XD It makes terrain tanks look weak in comparison now and these things don't have to go into siege mode. I have to micro manage that cannon, but with the damage those units do, its worth it. A couple of these in my zerg and they take out hybrids in seconds.

      I need to re-learn some keyboard shortcuts. I figured out a couple days ago that I can hit tab while commanding a large group to swap between the different units in that group. That makes micro managing so much easier. Now when I go into a fight, I tab over to the sentries and pop their shields, tab over to my templars for their lightning attack, tab over to my annihilators to shadow cannon big targets. I'm going to look up a couple more keyboard techniques on youtube to make my experience more enjoyable. I'm having a blast with this game. :D

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