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  1. I played the original Uncharted on PS3 and I'm playing the remaster now on PS4 so I can refresh my memory before I jump into Uncharted 2 and then 3. I found something out last night. If you shoot an enemy a couple times and then punch them to finish them off you get 1 of 3 unique kill animations. 1 is a roundhouse punch to the face that knocks the guy on his ass, another is a drop kick kill and my favorite and most frequent kill is a slide between / under the enemy's legs and punch them in the balls while sliding. XD I love killing people by punching them in the balls now. XD I never knew this was a thing the first time I played the game. XD Oh.. and hip firing while running auto targets enemies. This is so much easier my second time playing this. And grenades seem way easier to get kills with now. I'm going to have to try to dick punch people in the other uncharted games next. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      I'm about 70% through the first one. The jet skiing up river part really pissed me off with bad design. Actually all the wave runner areas are bad with insane amount of explosive barrels. You'd be better riding on a slow boat and shooting them. The wave runner is pointless because if you try to run through it you'll just die from enemies shooting them as you go by.

    2. Sledgstone


      I hated that part on the PS3 and I hated it again on the PS4. I just got through the last wave rider part and what a pain in the ass it can be. The last part is impossible to just go thru fast because the three enemies will rip you to shreds with bullets. you have to go slow on the last part and pick them and the barrels off with Elena's gun. The first couple jet ski parts aren't difficult at all considering Elena has an endless grenade gun that explodes everything on impact. XD But then the last ski part is 20x more difficult with the waves and you only have a crappy hand gun. -_-;

    3. Sledgstone


      I finished Uncharted 1 tonight. Running while hip firing is so vital in the last 5 or so chapters of the game. I still don't understand stealth in this game. I got only 1 stealth kill ever. I swear every enemy knows my exact location as long as I'm within 20 feet of them. I could be behind a wall, see a guy walk away, start walking slowly behind them and that guy will shout "there he is!", then turn around and shotgun me. eh. Other than that its still a fun game. Those last 5 chapters turns the difficultly up huge tho. I beat it on normal, screw the last quarter of the game on higher difficulties than that. x_x

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