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  1. I'm going out to vote today. I bet Trump will win NY because Cruz is too religious for the majority of this state. Bernie might win but I hope not. Everyone that is "feeling the Bern" and go out to vote for him will "feel the burn" when they realize all the free crap he's promising is all a pipe dream that will never pass through congress. If he gets to be president it'll be another 4-8 years of Obama 2.0 imo.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Honestly we're fucked no matter who wins it's all just a matter of who you're willing to put up with, Obama 2.0 or Trump (both bad choices but who's the lesser evil?).

    3. Sledgstone


      Hillary won NY. I don't think we'll get Obama 2.0 with her even tho the media might say that. The biggest issue is congress. Obama wanted big sweeping changes and it ended with congress negating almost everything he said he wanted to do. Bernie would have been the same. Big sweeping changes and 4 years of congress saying no. Even if it was all democrats in the majority I still doubt Sanders would get any major support for the things he wanted to accomplish. Regardless tho, even if Hillary was president, if the majority of congress is still republican nothing would get done again. And democrats are lazy about going to vote in non presidential elections. Within 2 years a big chunk of republicans will take over congress again regardless of the outcome of the elections this year. At least thats the track record for the region I live in. I remember about 5 years ago the republican woman representing my area basically put a stop to a high speed rail plan in upstate NY all by herself because it "would have been a waste of taxpayer money" yeah.. who needs rich NY city ppl jumping on a train for a 2 hour trip to spend money vacationing in the tourist locations by the fingerlakes or going to rochester, buffalo or the rest of the state.. nah. But instead we got wide sweeping tax free land options for a massive area of prime city real estate for corporations.. all while the local people got their property tax jacked up massively. I still think a good chunk of politicians are corrupt and getting payoffs for crap like this.

    4. DeathscytheX


      Her path to the WH is going to be a lot more difficult than its being made out to be. Sanders is destroying her in the young vote, there isnt a lot of enthusiasm there for her. Superdelegates are what is helping her win. Republican turn out is breaking records while Dem turnout is down 1/3rd. If the GOP goes to a contested convention and Cruz snivels his way into the nomination it will be Romney all over again with a lot of people staying home on the GOP side. If Trump wins the general he'll only be around for 4 years. He's not going to be like other politicians and will try to steamroll his plan immediately. This will def cause Dems to show up for the next election. Obama had a full dem congress when he got in, but he knew he wouldn't get reelected if he implemented everything he wanted to in his first term. The dude has always intentionally made his announcements on days before holidays, sporting events, weekends and other times people are generally distracted and don't pay attention. If Hillary keeps running on that extreme gun control platform she def will not win. Suing gun manufacturers for crimes other people commit is like suing car companies for drunk drivers. The NRA machine will be out in full force... and they are more massive than ever with Obama's constant threats over the past 5-6 years. She should know better. When the Brady act was sign under Bill Clinton, the dems got mollywhoped in the mid term.

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