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    • Steam Deck - Steam hand held gaming system
      Steam has made its own hand held game console. It can be used as a handheld or docked to a tv like the Nintendo Switch. Honestly, this looks like a solid hand held. Everyone that does PC gaming has a steam account and most likely alot of games already in their library. 

      There are three versions: $399, $529 & $649 depending on the internal storage. Its shipping December of 2021.


      The hardware looks great too:


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    • Playstation 5
      Until we get solid info from Sony, theres only speculation so far about the final list of features, prices, etc. The latest rumor I just read was this:


      If true the price will be $499 and be available for preorder early February. And there will be full backwards compatibility with digitally owned games. And ps4 controllers will be forward compatible, which would explain that new extra back button attachment that was announced.
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    • XBOX Series X
      Sony made the first announcement, but MS makes the first reveal. The Next Generation kicks off next holiday season.
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    • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
      Hows the Coronavirus impacting you? Thankfully I work from home and my job is not affected yet so I haven't had any work outages. I know quite a few people now having drastically reduced hours in the food industry and they'll be struggling to pay bills here by next week. I haven't been shopping since last Friday and it was a mad house then and only gotten worse from what I've heard. There is coronavirus cases in my county here in NY and it looks like the economy is going to crash. Maybe this new stimulus package will help? If they do send out checks to everyone like the Bush stimulus did, I'm going to have to throw that money right at my roof leak instead of additional food supplies. x_x I have one piece of roof that is not in good shape and apparently has been leaking for a while, buried under masses of snow until it recently all melted. Home insurance guy was a prick and doesn't want to cover it. I'll be switching home insurance companies just because I didn't like the guy. I also think my agent misrepresented to me the actual quality of the insurance package too.
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    • Samurai Jack
      See the trailer for the Samurai Jack video game!
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    • If I had known about the holiday that inspired this scenario last year, it would've been about an NSFW Anthro Dragon Waifu.

      Pre-Lunar Wars: You're A Dragon


    • Oh man... they released the movie on HBO Max so I'm glad I didn't have to pay for tickets. I love Dune, but this movie was way too damn slow and it was only half the movie. I don't get why the hell they decided to try and drag out Dune into a Lord of the Rings style duology or trilogy. The special effects were top notch and the actors nailed their respective roles, but there isn't much to talk about if you've seen the original movie because they basically rehashed the first half of the original movie, except slower with extended scenes to fill an entire 2 1/2 hours. The best thing about Dune (2021) is the CG and costumes. I wish they'd have finished the entire movie.

    • The final season was good and I'm glad the show got a proper ending. Netflix did great.

    • I finally watched the second and third Matrix movies a couple months ago.. wow the plot and quality of those films dropped off a cliff compared to the first movie. XD Its like they decided to make Nero the equivalent of Jesus while at the same time having the plot so chopped up that it must have inspired all kinds of theories about how Nero and all the humans must have been born repeatedly going thru a loop of man vs. machines and the machine powered city of Zion was powered and controlled by the machines just to keep the experiment going.. or maybe all of them were technically in another simulation that was making them believe they were living outside the matrix, like a matrix within the matrix. lol. So we get Matrix Resurrections last month and it was kind of boring to me. I know Keanu is getting old now, but he is still able to do action based on the recent John Wick movies, but the lack of him doing a bunch of kung fu battling really thru me off. 


      In the end I suppose the movie revealed they weren't stuck in a loop or being reborn repeatedly, because the machines repaired their bodies. So at least we got some closure on that.

       I'm still surprised humans can actually live in a real city outside the Matrix. In one of the sequel movies it looked like they were all too busy having a city wide orgy party to really care about fighting for the survival of humanity. XD


    • Season 4 was better than season 3. The third season had too much high school drama and constant fighting. The season 4 tournament was really good.

      On 1/9/2021 at 6:16 PM, Sledgstone said:

      at one point Daniel says to the wife, "I haven't spent enough time with Sam lately, I need to change that"... meanwhile his son was in 1 scene the entire season and they never showed him again. I think it's safe to say who the favorite kid is. XD technically the brother should have been home during that giant battle.. instead he probably ran away at some point and nobody noticed or even cared. XD He doesn't do karate, screw him. XD

      My quote from season 3.. lmao! They literally threw this statement about who the favorite kid is right in the parent's faces. XD I'm guessing the son will now start to learn karate so he can fight the other kid. XD

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